Motorcyclist Collides Head On with Car, Performs Impressive Three and Half Spins

This has got to be one of the most impressive gymnastics we’ve ever seen at Best Gore. Even judges from Russia and Luxembourg would give him 9.9 or thereabout for that. CCTV video from Gravatá – a city in the state of Pernambuco, Brazil shows a motorcyclist colliding head on with a car, a collision … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Collides Head On with Car, Performs Impressive Three and Half Spins”

Fatal Road Accident in Brazil Creates a Creepy Corpse

Head on collision between a semi and a car on the SP-294 highway near Parapuã, state of São Paulo, Brazil resulted in the deaths of both occupants of the car and the death of the truck driver. Wander Luis de Azevedo had his head ripped from his shoulders as he was ejected from the cab … Continue reading “Fatal Road Accident in Brazil Creates a Creepy Corpse”

Man Left Unrecognizable After Accident

A man and his motorcycle were reduced to mere pulp after being struck by a car in the state of Paraná, Brazil. Looks like the impact from the Audi sent the biker careening into another car hard enough to destroy the drivers’ side and completely reduce this fleshy virus to just an unrecognizable lump of … Continue reading “Man Left Unrecognizable After Accident”

Pedestrian Dies with Shredded Crotch

A pedestrian was struck by a car the result of which left him with a very nasty wound to his crotch amongst other serious injuries. However, he was not able to live with his new found vagina for very long before he bled out on the road. The vehicle that hit him didn’t wait around … Continue reading “Pedestrian Dies with Shredded Crotch”

Knee Ripped Open in Car Accident

Not much in the way of info on this one. A man was struck by a car in Bangkok and clipped his knee hard enough to open the whole thing up. Fractured bone matter and ripped muscle leaving this guy in agony on the street and giving him possibly permanent damage and compromised movement. As … Continue reading “Knee Ripped Open in Car Accident”

Thai Man Actually Survives a Road Accident

Road accidents and Thailand seem to go hand in hand. We here at Best Gore have seen our fair share of vehicles and their operators merging with one another to form gruesome art, leaving human body parts spread across the roadside and generally reducing the human form into little more than a chunky smear on … Continue reading “Thai Man Actually Survives a Road Accident”

Elderly Man Hit By Car – Epic Pointer

After quite a while of being absent from internet access, I finally found myself back here. What better way to know you’re alive than looking at death straight in it’s face? To make you enjoy every second as if it was the last? I never glorified death, but it’s inevitability is appealing to most. Its … Continue reading “Elderly Man Hit By Car – Epic Pointer”

Thai First Responders Recover Person Crushed Under Crashed Car

The video shows a recovery of a person crushed under a crashed car by first respondents in Thailand. The vehicle the person is crushed under is badly damaged, but there was nothing in the video to indicate whether the victim was the driver, or someone the driver ran over. It was also pretty difficult to … Continue reading “Thai First Responders Recover Person Crushed Under Crashed Car”

Foot Torn Off in Motorcycle Accident

Well, one is never enough so how about some more shredded body parts due to traffic mishaps? Not a whole lot of information on this one other than that it’s from Thailand and that a person on a motorcycle was struck by a car. I don’t know the exact circumstances of the crash but whatever … Continue reading “Foot Torn Off in Motorcycle Accident”

Truck Crushes Sports Car in Thailand, Kills Six

Hello, friends. I have a nasty car crash here to share with you. A large truck collided head-first into a small sports car, killing all six people inside. The trucker survived but is being charged by police. I suppose vehicular manslaughter due to some kind of negligence. I guess he tried to claim that the … Continue reading “Truck Crushes Sports Car in Thailand, Kills Six”