Guy Making Tiktok Video Falls Under Own Tractor in Punjab, India

Guy making tiktok videos comes under his own tractor in Punjab, India. A handful of helping souls help the guy unravel from the blades. Props to Best Gore member @prany7 for accident and aftermath video:

Major Two Bus Accident Cause Mass Carnage

Bodies and food products litter the road in an unknown country. By the looks of it, it is Africa but cannot be sure enough to say. What a waste, of food products if this accident between two buses did occur in Africa. UPDATE Special thanks to Best Gore member @thedon46 who points out: Accident happened … Continue reading “Major Two Bus Accident Cause Mass Carnage”

Carnage Involving Cars, Bus and Motorcycle on Road in Brazil

This apparently happened in Brazil, but I have no idea what exactly is going on. The carnage shown in the video involves at least two crashed cars, a bus and a motorcycle, and a few apparently dead people scattered about. There’s a lot of commotion involving the passersby, but none of it makes much sense … Continue reading “Carnage Involving Cars, Bus and Motorcycle on Road in Brazil”

Complete Aftermath Carnage of Roadkill Victim in Indian Subcontinent

On the streets of an Indian Subcontinent, man is freshly made into human compote after street accident. Group of spectators form around the victim, all wearing flip-flops. Circumstances surrounding on how the man became one with the road is not completely understood.

Multiple Men Die Inside Passenger Car Destroyed by Truck

A passenger car collided with a truck in Brazil. All passengers inside the car appear to have died from the impact. At least three fatalities are certain from the video. The license plate of the car suggest it was from Dom Eliseu, a municipality located in the State of Parรก, Brazil. But whether the accident … Continue reading “Multiple Men Die Inside Passenger Car Destroyed by Truck”

Foot Mangled and Leg Amputated by Failed Train Hopping

Hop aboard! Here we go… again! The love of trains in the Eastern part of the globe never gets old. A drama queen belts a scream cry imitating a dying goat because train he failed to hop on ate his leg and shredded his foot. The drama queen pseudo token rider should stick to hopping … Continue reading “Foot Mangled and Leg Amputated by Failed Train Hopping”

Deadly Crash Aftermath Footage in Brazil Filmed by Flip Flop Cameraman

Three victims of a gnarly accident in Brazil is filmed by a flip-flop cameraman. The first man has lower legs completely shredded. The next man shown dead fares a little bit better with what looks like his heart ripped out of chest, resulting in a quick and painless death. Third victim has both feet reduced … Continue reading “Deadly Crash Aftermath Footage in Brazil Filmed by Flip Flop Cameraman”

Driver in San Juan, Puerto Rico Suffers Split Personalities

Last night was reported a car accident in which a man was dead, and one injured on express 22 from San Juan to Bayamon in Puerto Rico. It is believed the driver of a Toyota Corolla vehicle lost control and impacted the safety fence resulting in him to instantly cease life. At the moment the … Continue reading “Driver in San Juan, Puerto Rico Suffers Split Personalities”

Brazil Motorcycle Accident Aftermath, Complete Body Carnage

Great aftermath footage of man strewn upon a road in Brazil in bits and pieces. Complete and utter caRnAGe from a motorcyclist after vehicle collision; man is destroyed from head to toe.

Fatal Car Crash in Brazil, Driver Drove Drunk

Driving drunk of vehicle, man from Brazil endangers the health of his friends. The car involved in the carnage is totaled, as is the occupants of the car, except the driver. Breaking through a fence the car flips and barrel rolls, resulting in massive damage to the front end.