Man Survives Being Cut in Half, Slaps Himself on Forehead in Disbelief

It’s not uncommon for people to survive being cut in half. To what possible extent that can be a good thing is a whole new matter. In the video below, a man cut in half appears to slap himself on the forehead in disbelief over his ordeal. He’s effectively immobilized, but conscious, and since he … Continue reading “Man Survives Being Cut in Half, Slaps Himself on Forehead in Disbelief”

Fatal Accident Leaves Person Cut in Half on Road

Aftermath video of a fatal traffic accident shows first responders attempting to rescue a survivor trapped in an overturned vehicle. They’re not bothering with the other person, who’s further up the road, torn in half with innards spilled out, and legs separated from each other.

Serious Road Carnage Courtesy of Brazil

The gods of gore have blessed us today, my brothers and sisters. Serious road accident on the BR 135 approx. 3km from the city of Presidente Dutra, state of Bahia, Brazil on June 13th, 2015. The carngae that ensued was the result of a collision between a Chevy Prism and a livestock truck. The Prism … Continue reading “Serious Road Carnage Courtesy of Brazil”