The Killing of America – 1982 Documentary

The Killing of America is a 1982 documentary that has never been released, distributed, televised or made available for sale in the USA. It contains footage which exposes the decline of ZOG controlled America. Directed by Sheldon Renan and produced by MataichirĂ´ Yamamoto and Leonard Schrader, the main topics of the film are Gun Snackbarism … Continue reading “The Killing of America – 1982 Documentary”

Compilation of Interviews with Famous Serial Killers

Well, calling them all “serial killers” is not politically correct because Charles Manson did not kill anyone, however it’s still a nice compilation of notable responses to interview questions famous serial killers and a bad asser who never killed anyone came up with. I’ll let the video speak for itself. Here’s a list of serial … Continue reading “Compilation of Interviews with Famous Serial Killers”