Chechclear Style Decapitation Video from Syria

A video which claims to have been filmed in war torn Syria shows Chechclear style decapitation of a captured man. The low resolution video shows the victim laid in the dirt on his side while his captor holds his head steady by pressing it against the ground Chechclear style with his foot. Then just as … Continue reading “Chechclear Style Decapitation Video from Syria”

Chechclear Video – Beheading of Russian Soldier by Chechen Rebels

Chechclear is a name given to this beheading of Russian soldier video. It’s one of the oldest and most notorious beheading videos on the internet. The identity of Russian soldier is unclear but some sources suggest that his name was Evgeniy Rodyanov (sometimes spelled as Yevgeny Rodionov or some other mods of the same name). … Continue reading “Chechclear Video – Beheading of Russian Soldier by Chechen Rebels”