Man Waiting for Rescue Gets Chopped Up by Helicopter Blades

It is my understanding that this incident happened in Colombia. Can anybody confirm the information, or correct it if incorrect? The video shows what looks like a helicopter rescue of survivors of an earlier helicopter crash. There is a chopper wreck on the uneven hill, and a few apparent survivors waiting to be rescued. The … Continue reading “Man Waiting for Rescue Gets Chopped Up by Helicopter Blades”

Careless Helicopter Rescue Team Member Decapitated by Propeller

On the slopes of Mount Dena in Zagros Mountains, in Iran’s Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Provinces, a team of helicopter rescue workers, including the director of disaster management Mr. Amiri, came to the rescue of a group of people in distress. Because of a high altitude uneven terrain, the helicopter was unable to land and had … Continue reading “Careless Helicopter Rescue Team Member Decapitated by Propeller”

Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller

33 year old Ivaldo Alves de Barros Filho (Ivaldinho), of Nova Xavantina in the state of Mato Grosso, Brazil, was helping in the maintenance of the spray nozzles of agricultural aircraft in Fazenda Nova Viana, when he apparently got too close to a spinning propeller and never heard the rest of it. The propeller struck … Continue reading “Plane Maintenance Worker Decapitated by Propeller”

Decapitation by Chopper Blades

Talk about wrong place and wrong time. Maybe this guy was not having a particularly good day. You know, some days you feel like shit, you didn’t get enough sleep at night and it’s been an overall fucked up week, then you come to work and you think those chopper blades can go fuck themselves. … Continue reading “Decapitation by Chopper Blades”