Turkish Soldier Eats Rocket – PKK Attack

April 24, 2019 PKK Attack Sides rocket eater Turkish soldier. Attack 3 Turkish soldier kill him. PKK forces by done I would appreciate if you don’t share my name. Here’s a rough Google translation of text at end of video: Our love is in the midst of the darkest wave of lightning and the brightness … Continue reading “Turkish Soldier Eats Rocket – PKK Attack”

Refugee Syrian Shop Owners Stab Man in Throat in Gaziantep, Turkey

In the south-eastern city of Turkey, Gaziantep, Turkish, citizens had a conflict with Syrian shop owners. Then a fight has begun. In this fight, Syrians who has come to Turkey as “refugees” and had their own shop in a city of Turkey used knives. They stabbed the young Turkish guy from his throat. It happened … Continue reading “Refugee Syrian Shop Owners Stab Man in Throat in Gaziantep, Turkey”

Pigs in Haiti Literally Eat Anything

Twitter posts reveal the depravity that is Haiti. Video has been sent in of high quality from last month’s inner conflict in Haiti. Horrifying images of bodies/body parts being found scattered in dumps surrounding La Saline in PAP, #Haiti & being eaten by pigs. Inflaming the grief & horror is statement by police they only … Continue reading “Pigs in Haiti Literally Eat Anything”

Guerrillas in Cameroon Chop Off Villager Toes, Shoot Him

War rages in blood-soaked Cameroon, as rebel groups combat the clampdown on anglophone activists, civilians are being caught in the crossfire. Caught in a military checkpoint manned by drunken soldiers, villager has head covered and toes severed. He is quickly finished off by rapid fire. The clashing army and rebel groups take their frustrations out … Continue reading “Guerrillas in Cameroon Chop Off Villager Toes, Shoot Him”