Aftermath – Machete Attack Victim Dead Asleep in Coffin

No location. No backinfo. A bed shaped as coffin contains a machete attack victim. Don’t be scared to disagree with hypothesis, man is dead tired and sleeping eternal sleep. Judging by the concaveness under hairline, he will need all the beauty sleep in the world. Props to Best Gore member @carnage-2 for the video: Fill … Continue reading “Aftermath – Machete Attack Victim Dead Asleep in Coffin”

Woman Leaves Little to Imagination, Aftermath Motorcycle Accident

No idea on location. Aftermath of presumable motorcycle accident with large vehicle leaves woman and man in dire straights. The collision of large truck wheel and couple on bike leaves a smear and stains the road red. If my bulging red eye sees correctly, there are hearts and guts in the road. Regardless, woman is … Continue reading “Woman Leaves Little to Imagination, Aftermath Motorcycle Accident”

Inmates Have Fun in Brazilian Prison

Two videos here. They both appear to be taken of a single incident. Not sure though. In Brazil, in what looks like prison of some sort, criminals have their fun with miserable convicts. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Cunt Neck Gets His First Blowjob

The Caption This Video Contest #3 …And the results are in: *************And The Top-Spot Goes To,,, @svarg26 *************** “cunt neck gets his first blowjob.” The First Runner-Up Spot Goes To,,, @SandalSniffer “That’s not how you use a dick pump.” The Second Runner-up Spot Goes To,,, @WhyYouNeedToKnow “So that’s where they hide all their stolen goods … Continue reading “Cunt Neck Gets His First Blowjob”

Human Head Found Abandoned in Acapulco, Mexico

Props to Best Gore member @dannyboy73 for the pic The abandoned human head was found at dawn on Match 12th in the Emiliano Zapata neighborhood located in the suburban area of Acapulco, Mexico on Tuesday. It was later transferred to the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) for the corresponding legal procedures . Thanks … Continue reading “Human Head Found Abandoned in Acapulco, Mexico”

CCTV – Suicide Action and Aftermath

Not sure of location. There is a dog closely behind a man bound and determined to die, no pussy footing about it. CCTV captures the moment suicidal man quits being a pussy and takes a leap under a bus tire. Bloody goo leaks out of his mind, as seen on the pictures below. Props to … Continue reading “CCTV – Suicide Action and Aftermath”

Aftermath – Three Men Electrocuted in Sirsa, Haryana, India

In Sirsa, Haryana, India three men electrocuted are identified as Inderpal Singh, his son Kewal Singh, both working at ITI, and a student Lovepreet Singh. One person Ramesh Kumar, who tried to save them, is severely injured in the incident. He has been admitted to Maharaja Aggarsain Medical College Agroha in Hisar. His condition is … Continue reading “Aftermath – Three Men Electrocuted in Sirsa, Haryana, India”

Pictures of Killed Angolan Military

The Angolan Armed Forces (Portuguese: Forças Armadas Angolanas) or FAA are the military of Angola. Angola is a country in southwestern Africa. The country’s name derives from the Kimbundu word for king. … After the Angolan War of Independence, which ended with an army mutiny and leftist coup in Lisbon, Angola’s independence was achieved on … Continue reading “Pictures of Killed Angolan Military”

Venezuelan Ventriloquists

In Venezuela at night time, freshly after beheading two, the killers have fun with the heads. You gotta bloody laugh at this. The two dummies provide more in death than life. UPDATE This is Venezuela and the decapitated heads are President Juan Guaidó supporters. With any luck more videos like this will surface. Props to … Continue reading “Venezuelan Ventriloquists”

Innocent Unborn Baby Victim of Circumstance

At the helm is literature maestro @blucon and his untouched, unstained, clean as a whistle writing. Appreciate reading your masterpiece! In these days of deceit, betrayals, Murders, untoward happenings, shaming once own very existence, that of the humanity, catastrophes and natural calamities; It isn’t that the Miracles do not happen. In what seemed like an … Continue reading “Innocent Unborn Baby Victim of Circumstance”