Varanasi, the City Where Life and Death Coexist in Peace

Another day is born. The sunrise is as mystical as it always has been to the locals, associated to the divine. In the distance monumental towers become visible through the mist that frequently emanates from the shores. The noise becomes more accentuated as more people take baths and wash their clothes in the mighty Ganges … Continue reading “Varanasi, the City Where Life and Death Coexist in Peace”

Traditional Open Air Cremation Upon Funeral Pyre in Thailand

Two videos from Thailand show the process of traditional, ceremonial cremation of dead bodies according to Buddhist traditions. While nowadays most cremations are performed in indoor, brick ovens to speed the cremation up, in some rural areas of Thailand it is still possible to see open air cremations with bodies placed upon bamboo funeral pyres. … Continue reading “Traditional Open Air Cremation Upon Funeral Pyre in Thailand”

Body During Cremation

During cremation, body is reduced to ashes – from whence it came. Commercial crematoriums use furnaces which expose human remains to temperatures ranging from 670 °C to 980 °C. The process of disintegration during cremation has been described by the maker of crematorium furnaces as follows (it takes less for a body of a child … Continue reading “Body During Cremation”