Dominican Republic Man Becomes Woman After Accident

An accident in Dominican Republic on a dark night transformed a man undeniably into a woman forever. The involuntary sex-reassignment was instantaneous with penis and testes torn out. A nearby wrecked bike frame suggests the dudette encountered an adversary and was no match. The ominous one shoe phenomenon steps out of the shadows and makes … Continue reading “Dominican Republic Man Becomes Woman After Accident”

Clitoral Hood with Piercing Ripped Off

Former owner of this ripped off clitoral hood says that her piercing got caught in something while she was walking and is ended up torn off. This version sounds very much like claiming that one got a black eye by falling down a flight of stairs. It’s a cover up for something too embarrassing to … Continue reading “Clitoral Hood with Piercing Ripped Off”

Dissection of Vagina During Autopsy – Video

Look what I have for you today. Do you remember the post with photos of cut out vaginas? Well, here’s the video to go with it. The video is a 9 minutes long document of a pathologist performing a dissection of vagina during autopsy on a female corpse. Whole vulva, including womb and anus are … Continue reading “Dissection of Vagina During Autopsy – Video”

Doctor Has a Collection of Real Cut Out Vaginas from Dead Women

These photos are from the “what the actual fuck, I still haven’t seen it all?” series. It takes the bizarre to a whole new level. The set appears to show a pathologist cutting out a vagina from a body of a dead female for personal safekeeping. He has got to be a winner of the … Continue reading “Doctor Has a Collection of Real Cut Out Vaginas from Dead Women”