Death of Militant Group Leader Valid Motsaev in Khasavyurt, Russia

On September 5, 2017, the Russian counter terrorism forces killed 29 year old Valid Motsaev, leader of a militant group from Khasavyurt in Dagestan, Russia. In 2014, Valid Motsaev swore allegiance to the Islamic State (ISIS). His group was subsequently banned in the Russian Federation, and there was a bounty of 3 Million Rubles on … Continue reading “Death of Militant Group Leader Valid Motsaev in Khasavyurt, Russia”

Beheading of Retired Russian Colonel Aytemir Salimgereev in Dagestan

Aytemir Salimgereev (Айтемир Салимгереев) – a retired Russian colonel, former member of the Anti-Terrorism group (ЦПЭ), and regional head of the Interior Ministry in Kizilyurt, Dagestan was beheaded by Muslim extremists in his own house. The Investigative Committee of Kizilyurt reported that the colonel’s home, which is located in a suburban community “Builder” on the … Continue reading “Beheading of Retired Russian Colonel Aytemir Salimgereev in Dagestan”

Crash Leads to Brawl in Kaspiysk, Russia

The notorious “fight first, talk later” Russian mentality again. Given their incredibly short fuses, everyday situations are turned into high tension events resolved with fights. The video is from the city of Kaspiysk in the Republic of Dagestan, Russia. If the name of the republic sounds familiar, it’s because that’s where the infamous beheading of … Continue reading “Crash Leads to Brawl in Kaspiysk, Russia”

Russian Forcer Raid the Makhachkala Gang Apartment, Kill Nabi Nabiyev

On February 15 2013 several Russian special forces, including the Federal Security Service and the police SWAT joined forces to conduct a raid on an apartment used by the Makhachkala Gang member in the Republic of Dagestan. The raid lead to the death of Muslim terrorist Nabi Nabiyev (Наби Набиев) known for having taken part … Continue reading “Russian Forcer Raid the Makhachkala Gang Apartment, Kill Nabi Nabiyev”

Chechen Rebel Takes a Headshot from Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

War in Chechnya and Northern Caucasus between Chechen rebels and Russian military continues. Russia has superior firepower and larger army, but Chechens are catching a second breath pushing the end of the conflict to the unknown. Pictures in this post are also from the same offensive as the video and another set of photos posted … Continue reading “Chechen Rebel Takes a Headshot from Underbarrel Grenade Launcher”

High Res Photos of Killed Chechen Rebels

These photos expand on yesterday’s video of Chechen jihadists who were killed by Russian soldiers in Dagestan. The photos are of a Chechen sniper whom Russians engaged with a heavy machine gun. Large caliber bullets left the rebel with some pretty hard core head trauma. Pictures are available in high resolution in the gallery below:

Russian Skinheads Beheading – Neo-Nazi Execution Video

Russian skinheads have been perhaps the most brutal of all skinheads anywhere in the world. In this video, unknown Russian neo-nazis execute two Muslim men. Obviously, these Russian skinheads wanted to show everyone that they mean it and they truly delivered. First executed man was offed by beheading and by far caught the shittier end … Continue reading “Russian Skinheads Beheading – Neo-Nazi Execution Video”

Beheading Executions In The Name of Allah (FULL VIDEO)

This is the full length video of beheading executions of two people in the middle of the street in the Middle East (multiple use of word “middle” not intentional) in the name of Allah. The video contains original news coverage in Arabic language. Fast forward to approximately 9.12 if you want to skip the news … Continue reading “Beheading Executions In The Name of Allah (FULL VIDEO)”

Dagestan Massacre 1999 Video (Worst Beheading)

This video documents the Dagestan Massacre that took place in 1999. Because when this post was originally published the video of the Dagestan Massacre was only available in parts, only a video of the last two beheadings was posted here. Meanwhile, I got the full video of the massacre so I’ve updated the post with … Continue reading “Dagestan Massacre 1999 Video (Worst Beheading)”

Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahideen Terrorists

Dagestan Beheading video is by far one of the worst videos ever recorded. Chechen Mujahedeen Terrorists video tape gruesome execution of 6 Russian soldiers. While his fellow Chechen terrorists have been ruthlessly beheading one Russian soldier after another, the cameraman was recoding close ups of their slit throats. The video leaves nothing for imagination – … Continue reading “Dagestan Beheading of 6 Russian Soldiers by Chechen Mujahideen Terrorists”