Complete Aftermath Carnage of Roadkill Victim in Asia Subcontinent

On the streets of an Asian Subcontinent, man is freshly made into human compote after street accident. Group of spectators form around the victim, all wearing flip-flops. Circumstances surrounding on how the man became one with the road is not completely understood.

Truck Driver Pinned Between Pole and Truck in Columbia

In the area of La Esmeralda, located in the Brisas del Guatiquia village, jurisdiction of the municipality of Puerto López, CTI personnel carried out the technical inspection of the body of Elkin Wilmer Torres, aged 36, who at the moment was working as a driver of a dodge truck, LZE-155 plates, blue. He was getting … Continue reading “Truck Driver Pinned Between Pole and Truck in Columbia”

Death Pilfers Two Thieves, Vigilante Hammers Head of One into Pavement

Two alleged thieves were caught red handed in Mexico. A crowd of vigilantes form and deliver concrete jungle justice to the accused. Mob members donate free chest and head kicks to the bounded men. Signs of life are still visible throughout lynching. Vigilante shown in the middle is overstimulated and lost, doesn’t seem to know … Continue reading “Death Pilfers Two Thieves, Vigilante Hammers Head of One into Pavement”

Train Kills Three People Watching Surabaya Burning in Indonesia

Three people were killed and 20 more injured when a passing train struck a crowd of onlookers who gathered on the railway bridge in order to watch the celebration of National Heroes Day in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia on Friday November 9, 2018. Dubbed the City of Heroes, Surabaya holds the annual celebration to commemorate … Continue reading “Train Kills Three People Watching Surabaya Burning in Indonesia”

Multiple Men Die Inside Passenger Car Destroyed by Truck

A passenger car collided with a truck in Brazil. All passengers inside the car appear to have died from the impact. At least three fatalities are certain from the video. The license plate of the car suggest it was from Dom Eliseu, a municipality located in the State of Pará, Brazil. But whether the accident … Continue reading “Multiple Men Die Inside Passenger Car Destroyed by Truck”

The Caption This Photo Contest #93

Caption This Photo Contest has officially been resurrected from a cold, bloody death. Special thanks to humble Best Gore member @asskingforanal for sparking interest in the post after a long hiatus. This contest will start anew and I will make known the member with the winning caption after a few days or so, after @svarg26 … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #93”

Russian Maniacs Record Themselves Stabbing Homeless Men, July 2015

In Russia neo-Nazis arrange a real hunt for the homeless and conducted brutal “contests” on the attack on people. The first murder in the video was committed near the temple of the triumph of Orthodoxy in Altuyevo, the construction of which was completed in 2016. Users of the Russian anonymous forum 2ch found a video … Continue reading “Russian Maniacs Record Themselves Stabbing Homeless Men, July 2015”

Prison Riot Footage, Dead Prisoner Cut Into and Beheaded

Not much back info is known about this prison riot except it hails from Latin America. All I do know is these prisoners have way too much free time on their hands.

Woman Kills Mom and Son, Both Assaulted Her Day Before at Market in Thailand

In Thailand, mother and son who sold flowers in a market were shot dead. The perputrator was a lady who worked in the same market. Both had assaulted the shooter day before for unknown reasons. Both victims pretended to be dead but the shooter returned and shot them both again ’til dead dead.

Low Lit Crime Scene in Brazil, 3 Murdered Individuals

Not much is known with this dimwit lighting in Brazil. All I can fathom is squatters were caught in a house unequipped with electricity. Any Bra’ziw speaking members, don’t be afraid to voice your expertise!