Husband Kills Wife and Baby in South Africa

A few images of a facebook post a found recently. Don’t know much, only that it took place in South Africa. A man killed his wife and baby of 11 months and is still on the run. Props to Best Gore member @kittensoup666 for the images:

Father Teaches Daughter How to Die in Traffic Accident

Very, very short motor vehicle accident aftermath video with a man and little girl dead. Not sure where this takes place, although the language sounds like Latin America. Daddy and daughter share more than just precious moments under a midgore sun – they share forever together. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: … Continue reading “Father Teaches Daughter How to Die in Traffic Accident”

Georgia Mother Fatally Drops Baby during Altercation CCTV

In Moultrie, Georgia, on Friday July 19th, 26-year-old Karen Lashun Harrison gets into an argument with another woman outside of a beauty supply store. She is seen standing in the parking lot, holding her 3-month-old baby, having a heated discussion, like the trash that she is. There is no telling what they are talking about … Continue reading “Georgia Mother Fatally Drops Baby during Altercation CCTV”

10 Year Old Child Raped and Strangled in Meknes, Morocco

Rape and hanging of a 10-year-old child in Meknes, Morocco, North Africa 2019 Moroccan police arrest man suspected of rape, murdering a child. The ten year old boy is choked with an electric cable after being raped. An “intense research and investigations” reveals 35-year old suspect connection to the murder and sexual assault on Sunday. … Continue reading “10 Year Old Child Raped and Strangled in Meknes, Morocco”

CCTV – Distraction Causes Child to Get Ran Over in Egypt

In Egypt, a country not timid about the men wearing dresses, a dad walks with child in tow. The distracted father on cellphone is unaware his son trips over his long dress and gets crushed by the tire of a truck passing over. In the nightmare roadway, fellow miscreants surprisingly offer actions of assistance. Awesome … Continue reading “CCTV – Distraction Causes Child to Get Ran Over in Egypt”

Innocent Unborn Baby Victim of Circumstance

At the helm is literature maestro @blucon and his untouched, unstained, clean as a whistle writing. Appreciate reading your masterpiece! In these days of deceit, betrayals, Murders, untoward happenings, shaming once own very existence, that of the humanity, catastrophes and natural calamities; It isn’t that the Miracles do not happen. In what seemed like an … Continue reading “Innocent Unborn Baby Victim of Circumstance”

Ritualistic Beheading of 9 Year Old Child

I got this video with a claim that it shows a 9 year old child bride being beheaded in front of large crowd because she refused to have sex with \her adult husband. That doesn’t add up at all. If you can be a slave owner of a child, you can force her to have … Continue reading “Ritualistic Beheading of 9 Year Old Child”

Mangled Car Mangled Bodies

Sorry. No location or official circumstances are known. The hands of fate redirects a male driver along with two female backseat passengers to a crushing world of hurt. They are brought closer together than ever thought possible before. The mangled bodies are dead to the world and lounge inside the mangled car. The occupants don’t … Continue reading “Mangled Car Mangled Bodies”

DC-3 Aircraft Crash Kills 14 in Bogota, Colombia

A plane crashed in Central Colombia province of Meta, San Martin, March 9, 2019 on Saturday morning killing 14 people, including the pilot. The DC-3 aircraft en route to Villavicencio, in the center of the nation, issued a distress call around 10:40 a.m. The plane, operated by Laser air service, crashed in the vicinity of … Continue reading “DC-3 Aircraft Crash Kills 14 in Bogota, Colombia”