Warning: Bloody Child Gore – Baby with Insides Removed

If photos of dead, bloodied children offend you, you shouldn’t have clicked on the link in the first place. This appears to be an autopsy photo of a baby after it had all of the insides removed, even though the mortician’s table seems a bit sketchy with that block of wood, but maybe that’s what … Continue reading “Warning: Bloody Child Gore – Baby with Insides Removed”

Memento Mori – Old Black and White Photos of Dead Children

A few decades ago it was customary for some families to take their deceased child to a photographer, prop it up in a studio so it looks as close to being alive as possible and take a picture of it as their only lasting memory of a child. The practice was known as Memento Mori. … Continue reading “Memento Mori – Old Black and White Photos of Dead Children”

Boy With Spilled Guts

This boy met his nasty end when he got in a way of a truck. You got to admit though – even though those spilled guts look unattractive and he truly found an unpleasant end to his short life there, at least his skull looks decent so he can have an open casket funeral. We’ve … Continue reading “Boy With Spilled Guts”

Child Starved to Death

Even though it looks alive, this child is allegedly dead. It died of starvation. It takes a bit of an imagination to call this “a child” as it looks like something from the cover of the National Enquirer issue about aliens, but the info that came with the picture insists that it’s not manipulated and … Continue reading “Child Starved to Death”

Boy Shot Point Blank in the Temple of the Head

This boy appears too young to end like this. We don’t see whole face but from what we can see, it does appear as though he was a child. He took a point blank gunshot to the temple of his head. You can still see unburnt gunpowder and burnt in ring from the barrel of … Continue reading “Boy Shot Point Blank in the Temple of the Head”

Whole Family with Small Children Dies in Car Accident in Malaysia

Malaysian family with two little children didn’t make it the day this accident occurred. Both children died a horrific death and so did their mother. Judging by the presence of baby walker, I’m guessing they were walking alongside the road, rather than driving, unless mother had the walker in her car too. But they are … Continue reading “Whole Family with Small Children Dies in Car Accident in Malaysia”

Large Truck vs Small Child – Who Wins?

Everybody knows the answer. What you don’t know is that the truck is without a scratch, like this collision never happened, where as that little child is… well, obliterated (my favorite gore word). The boy had absolutely no chance. Must be terrible for parents to find their child looking like this. What a tragedy! The … Continue reading “Large Truck vs Small Child – Who Wins?”

Bloody Massacre of Mother and Child at Home

Enter your own story here cause I don’t know what the fuck happened there. Looks like a mother and child got a shitty end of the stick one day. Maybe dad has had enough of his wife cheating on him and took matters to his own hands. Blood looks nicely colored and thick on those … Continue reading “Bloody Massacre of Mother and Child at Home”

Poso Massacre Video – Extreme Brutality, Dead Children

Biggest WARNING I have issued on Best Gore so far! Poso Massacre Video contains images of many dead children. Watching a man getting beheaded is one thing, but seeing bodies of children who have not yet reached their teens sliced up all over with a machete is another. Do not take this warning lightly. Video … Continue reading “Poso Massacre Video – Extreme Brutality, Dead Children”