Homeless Man Found Dead Next to Pipe in Arad, Romania

I just have that one pic. It claims to show a homeless man who was found like that – dead from unspecified causes, next to a pipe in Arad, Romania. The white-haired, bearded corpse of the man is seen with pants below his knees. The skin on his legs and the groin area suggest a … Continue reading “Homeless Man Found Dead Next to Pipe in Arad, Romania”

Old Man Stabbed to Death with Sickle in Caruaru, Brazil

Poor old chap this guy, but he gave me a chuckle. His name is Mariano João da Silva, but when pasted into Google Translator, Jewgle translated his name as Mariano John Doe. I kid you not, try it yourself. 63 year old Mariano João da Silva nicknamed “Seu Madruga” or “Véi das Cobras” was a … Continue reading “Old Man Stabbed to Death with Sickle in Caruaru, Brazil”

Homeless Guy Froze to Death

Judging by labels on beer bottle and the apartment building in the background, this took place somewhere in Russia. Old man probably had a bit of Vodka, passed out outside in the middle of winter and froze to death. I’m being told this was a homeless guy. I wonder where homeless guys go to sleep … Continue reading “Homeless Guy Froze to Death”

Dead Hobo with a Bonus

Not quite what you would expect dead hobo would look like. This one is missing feet, is naked and rests at the back of a truck. Not a pretty sight by any means. Blood is splattered on the body of the truck suggesting he may have been killed while on a truck, but it doesn’t … Continue reading “Dead Hobo with a Bonus”