Young Girl Appears to Die After Overdosing on Heroin

Video from the Motherland appears to show a young girl taking her last breaths and dying after allegedly overdosing on heroin. She’s clinging onto a male acquaintance who is making a phone call to get her medical attention asap. He’s frustrated with the emergency line operator who seems to to have too many unrelated questions, … Continue reading “Young Girl Appears to Die After Overdosing on Heroin”

Aokigahara – The Suicide Forest

Happy Halloween boys and gores. To celebrate Samhain, how about a little ghost story? This is Aokigahara, also known as Jukai (the Sea of Trees). It is a dense forest set at the base of Mt. Fuji less then 100 miles from Tokyo, Japan. The beauty of the forest and of two caves there in … Continue reading “Aokigahara – The Suicide Forest”

21 Year Old Rachel Whitear Died of Heroin Overdose, Parents Release Photos as Warning

On May 10, 2000, then 21 year old British student Rachel Whitear overdosed on Heroin and died. Her parents decided to release the unflattering images of their daughter’s dead, discolored body to warn other young men and women of the dangers of the drug. This is not a unique phenomenon. With the exception of Canada, … Continue reading “21 Year Old Rachel Whitear Died of Heroin Overdose, Parents Release Photos as Warning”

Thai Girl Found Dead on Bed in Her Room

This young Thai girl rented a room #322 in a multi room house in the Ekkamai area of Bangkok, Thailand. She was found dead lying face down on a bed in her room. Not sure about the cause of death but it doesn’t look like any violence contributed to it. Thai prostitutes like to overdose … Continue reading “Thai Girl Found Dead on Bed in Her Room”

Video of Drug Addict Overdosing on Heroin

This video is from a documentary by Konstantin Bojanov (Константин Божанов) called Invisible. It’s about drug addicts in Sofia, Bulgaria. So this is what OD-ing on heroin looks like? I think I’ll give it a pass, just as I have my whole life. Although from the perspective of the overdosed dude (named Remi in the … Continue reading “Video of Drug Addict Overdosing on Heroin”

Thai Ladyboy Dies from Overdose on Booze and Pills

This happened once again in the world’s whore capital of Pattaya. Although Pattaya is geared more towards seekers of HIV infected pussy with Phuket being for those who like cock, one can still find many Ladyboys in Pattaya too. Afterall, this is Thailand, the Land of Grumps and Whores. The land of people with no … Continue reading “Thai Ladyboy Dies from Overdose on Booze and Pills”

Chris Farley Death Photos

Christopher Crosby Farley was a comedian and actor most noted for his stint on Saturday Night Live. On December 18, 1997 when he was 33 year old, Chris Farley was found dead in an apartment on the 60th floor of the John Hancock Building, on Michigan Avenue in Chicago with foam around his mouth. He … Continue reading “Chris Farley Death Photos”

Thai Woman Commits Suicide by Overdosing with Pills

You can’t say “Thailand” without also saying “Pointers” in the same sentence. They are bound with each other like sticks in a faggot. This woman has had enough of her pain and suffering and decided to depart from this world by committing suicide. She chose to overdose herself on prescription pills and seeing how peaceful … Continue reading “Thai Woman Commits Suicide by Overdosing with Pills”

Dead Mexican Prostitute

This allegedly underaged Mexican prostitute was found dead in a motel room in Victoria, Mexico. The official police report says that she died of alcohol and drug overdose but some speculate that it’s just a coverup for a more heinous crime. The prostitute was found in a motel room laying naked on a bed, her … Continue reading “Dead Mexican Prostitute”

Death by Drug Overdose

Of all the ways to die, death by drug overdose is one of the lamest. Giving in to your addiction entirely until it claims your life shows you as a weak minded living tissue of zero worth. Furthermore – there are so many ways to do drugs, if you so incline, but shoving a needle … Continue reading “Death by Drug Overdose”