African Thief Stripped and Beaten in Broad Daylight

Video from an undisclosed location in Africa. A thief was unfortunate enough to be caught red-handed and was subjected to some mob justice. Now, they don’t kill him, but they do strip him naked and whip him and beat him and have him run wee wee wee all the way home naked through the streets. … Continue reading “African Thief Stripped and Beaten in Broad Daylight”

Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa

Who said men have it easy? The following is part of a documentary showcasing the brutal circumcision rituals of an unknown African tribe. Interesting to note is that these practices predate the seemingly mandatory circumcisions of the modern Western era. The practice is carried out with no anesthesia and any, no matter how old, who … Continue reading “Brutal Ritual Circumcision of Boys in Africa”

Cock Ashtray – Penis Torture with Cigarettes and More

Warning: Shit is about to get weird. Now, I’m no stranger to the dark, disturbing and downright fucked-up nature of the human condition, so you know when I get a hold of something that has me grinding my fucking teeth and holding my balls, I have to do everything in my power to gross y’all … Continue reading “Cock Ashtray – Penis Torture with Cigarettes and More”

When Dicks Go Bad

The similarities between a penis and a woman are profound. For example, sometimes they will get in the way, and sometimes they will embarrass you. And of course, whenever you take advice from them it ends in trouble. You always think yours is more attractive than anyone else’s, yet you can’t help glancing at another … Continue reading “When Dicks Go Bad”