Burglar Mauled to Death by Guard Dogs in Argentina

In Altos de San Lorenzo, a town in La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, a burglar reportedly jumped over a wall to break into a house but was jumped by the owner’s guard dogs. The dogs had their fun with the burglar, who ended up dying from the bites. Best Gore member … Continue reading “Burglar Mauled to Death by Guard Dogs in Argentina”

Dog Released on Man Standing Off on Street in Residential Neighborhood

I really have no idea what exactly is going on in this video. It appears to take place in a residential area in North America. It shows a shirtless fat guy with hands busy to keep his shorts up, in a stand off with a black guy. The former has several people behind him, including … Continue reading “Dog Released on Man Standing Off on Street in Residential Neighborhood”

Pack of Stray Dogs Attacks Young Girl on Street in Iraq

According to the backinfo I got, this happened in Iraq. The CCTV video shows a small girl playing on the street when a pack of stray dogs attacks her. It looks like the dogs are gnawing her quite viciously, when a pair of guys shows up and chases the pack away. The girl seems to … Continue reading “Pack of Stray Dogs Attacks Young Girl on Street in Iraq”

Man Voluntarily Surrenders to Cop Thugs, They Let K9 Gnaw His Leg

In Sonoma County, California, a gang of thugs with badges launch a raid on a home in Graton. 35 year old Jason Anglero-Wyrick willingly comes out of the home with hands in the air and voluntarily surrenders. The thugs respond by tasing him and letting a dog gnaw his leg while threatening eye witnesses. The … Continue reading “Man Voluntarily Surrenders to Cop Thugs, They Let K9 Gnaw His Leg”

Dog Fight Spectator Spins on Farm Machinery

Not sure on location, although it appears to be India. Dogos are watched fighting by small crowd of men, whether or not fight is intentional is not known. In a turn of events Karma spins her web of just for one spectator, biting him on the hand. Props to Best Gore member @ash8888 for the … Continue reading “Dog Fight Spectator Spins on Farm Machinery”

Pitbull Emasculates Alleged Underage Rapist

Ok, well, for one Seraphim Serenata wants to send a shout out to Brandi for keeping the Best Gore ship afloat while I have been adrift in the sea after walking the plank. Thankfully, there are not a bunch of douche fucks out here, such as Andrew Smith. Special debt of gratitude double times over … Continue reading “Pitbull Emasculates Alleged Underage Rapist”

Dog Referees Knife Fight

Probably jealous of his sweet man-purse. In an unknown land, reminiscent of Latin America, two street fighters armed with knives go at it like two bitches in heat. By the time video starts recording, a submissive fighter bleeds like a stuck hog while man’s best friend makes attempt to sniff his ass. A stab here … Continue reading “Dog Referees Knife Fight”

Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs

In what sounds to be in Latin America, a gathering of pissed off people berate and attack an alleged rapist. The man is dragged to the street and prodded at with wooden objects. A mob member pokes the alleged rapist’s sphincter roughly with average sized wood. Men’s best friends join in to appease their masters … Continue reading “Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs”

CCTV – Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina

Captured on CCTV, a man can be seen jogging into view. He appears to be dressed to run a 5-K, but runs into four K-9s instead. As the dogs approach, the man doesn’t yet realize their intention, and reaches out to pet them. The dogs were in no mood to sniff butts, and went on … Continue reading “CCTV – Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina”

Man Has Bull Seeing Red

In what could be held at any U.S.A. brain cell congregation of yuppies, a dog torments a ridiculed bull with excessive barking. A man in red is target of misdirected anger by bull. Don’t mess with the bull unless you are prepared to take the horns.