Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs

In what sounds to be in Latin America, a gathering of pissed off people berate and attack an alleged rapist. The man is dragged to the street and prodded at with wooden objects. A mob member pokes the alleged rapist’s sphincter roughly with average sized wood. Men’s best friends join in to appease their masters … Continue reading “Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs”

CCTV – Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina

Captured on CCTV, a man can be seen jogging into view. He appears to be dressed to run a 5-K, but runs into four K-9s instead. As the dogs approach, the man doesn’t yet realize their intention, and reaches out to pet them. The dogs were in no mood to sniff butts, and went on … Continue reading “CCTV – Four Dogs Attack Man Jogging in Argentina”

Man Has Bull Seeing Red

In what could be held at any U.S.A. brain cell congregation of yuppies, a dog torments a ridiculed bull with excessive barking. A man in red is target of misdirected anger by bull. Don’t mess with the bull unless you are prepared to take the horns.

Old Lady Struck Down by Utility Pole in Russia

Captured on CCTV in Russia, an old woman is outside in the alley between homes spending quality time with her doggy. Sensing danger, the pooch skedaddles. Out of nowhere, the elderly woman is struck hard by a long pole and her fragile outter shell can’t handle the intense pounding and collapses. An electrician on a … Continue reading “Old Lady Struck Down by Utility Pole in Russia”

Dog Thief Gets Punished

In what appears to be an Asian country, a boy is on dirt ground next to a dead dog. It is unclear whether the young alleged thief killed the dog for food and got caught in the act or is simply collateral damage. By the looks of the kennels on the truck, this might be … Continue reading “Dog Thief Gets Punished”

Rampaging Cat Attacks Pit Bull and Owner

No idea where takes place, background speaker sounds like English is first language. A cat is on the borderline of sanity and decides to strike a pitbull and it’s owner for no apparent reason. The stupid dog wraps his leash around owner, causing him to fall. Have to give props for owner keeping control over … Continue reading “Rampaging Cat Attacks Pit Bull and Owner”

Stern Animal Takes No Bull from Little Shits in Brazil

In Brazil, an animal is picked on and bullied by 2 little shits in the form of worthless canines. The stern animal takes no more bullshit from the relentless onslaught of annoyance and teaches the doggies where their rightful place is. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Salty Dog Hates Cut of Jib on Man

Somewhere on a beach in the world, a man parachute surf. A stupid and eager dog ready to impress his new best friend, he runs behind man and clamps down on his arm. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: NEMESIO-KONG-SERAPHIM Enterprise Productions®

Pitbull Attacks Mailman in Detroit

In Detroit, Michigan, a mailman doing his rounds was attacked by a pitbull. Six minutes of the attack were filmed on video from inside a vehicle, and the cameraman did not go full vertical retard on that shit. Must not be an Iphone owner. Allegedly named “Boss Hogg“, the pitbull gnaws on the feet of … Continue reading “Pitbull Attacks Mailman in Detroit”

Ruff Riders Ride Asphalt, Dog Causes Accident Crossing Road

In unverified location, presumably somewhere in United State of America, ruff riders slide on asphalt after dog runs in front of one. Man’s best friend is at it again, this time running across a two lane road, and getting hit causing rider to slide and biker behind him make an epic leap on road. No … Continue reading “Ruff Riders Ride Asphalt, Dog Causes Accident Crossing Road”