Domodedovo Explosion CCTV Video – Best Yet

This video complements our previous post about the suicide bombing at the Russian Domodedovo International Airport. Newly released footage from the CCTV camera mounted inside an ATM machine is the only video of more than 50 cameras within the area where the Domodedovo explosion took place that captures the moment of explosion with all its … Continue reading “Domodedovo Explosion CCTV Video – Best Yet”

Domodedovo Explosion – Suicide Bomb Attack at Moscow Airport

Moscow’s busiest air transportation hub – Domodedovo International Airport was attacked by an apparent suicide bomber on Monday, January 24, 2011. 35 people were killed and at least 180 injured after an explosion hit the baggage reclaim area of the Domodedovo’s international arrivals hall. Russian investigators identified the suicide bomber as a 20-year-old male from … Continue reading “Domodedovo Explosion – Suicide Bomb Attack at Moscow Airport”