Wahhabi Pigs Drag a Man Behind Car in Syria

The Wahhabi are an offshoot of Sunni Islam. Like their Salafi brethren, Wahhabi are the same Sunni pigs we’ve watched massacre Syrian civilians since their fraudulent revolution started. In this video, the Wahhabi terrorists filmed themselves dragging a man behind a car through the streets of some Syrian town in which they either already massacred … Continue reading “Wahhabi Pigs Drag a Man Behind Car in Syria”

Lynched, Beaten, Burned and Run Over

I don’t know where exactly this took place, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Haiti. Lynching is very common in this violent nation, plus they are all lazy as hell which would explains why the corpse has been left to decompose on the road with no one bothering to move it away. This … Continue reading “Lynched, Beaten, Burned and Run Over”

Beaten, Dragged, Murdered, Dumped with Garbage

Two men met shitty end to their journey on the planet as they were severely beaten, then dragged on the pavement, eventually killed somehow and dumped at a garbage site. They were eventually found with blood already dried up under the sun. If I were to guess, this is Mexico again. I did not get … Continue reading “Beaten, Dragged, Murdered, Dumped with Garbage”

Dragged Behind Car – Nasty Death

This guy was allegedly dragged behind car. Someone must have been pretty pissed off at him to put him through this madness. The guy must have been dragged for miles upon miles. His body looks suitable for muscle anatomy class. I don’t see any dirt from the road he was dragged on, but that could … Continue reading “Dragged Behind Car – Nasty Death”