Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies

Phew! Another stinker fresh from the waters of South East Asia. You’d think Thais would have evolved gills by now as close as they are to the water. Although, looking at the one pic, this chap appears to have suffered some trauma to the back of the head…all kinds of goo just spilling out there. … Continue reading “Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies”

86 Year Old Bloater Pulled from Canal in Thailand

An 86 year old man was pulled from a canal in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand, in a discolored, bloated state. It has not been determined the exact cause of the man being in the canal, although it’s possible he may have slipped and drowned. He appears to be Muslim of some sort and the translation mentions … Continue reading “86 Year Old Bloater Pulled from Canal in Thailand”

Decomposing Corpse Pulled from Storm Drain in Thailand

You guys aren’t sick of disgusting corpses courtesy of South East Asia, are you? I thought not. I know you’ve all been patiently waiting for the next entry in the putrid, rotten fucking corpses series, so here you go. Tonight’s lucky winner is a the partially liquified body of a man found in a storm … Continue reading “Decomposing Corpse Pulled from Storm Drain in Thailand”

Chemical Accident Leaves Burnt Hand

A chemical accident leaving a badly burnt hand and a very sorry person. Not much background info on this one, but seeing how grave this wound was, I don’t think it needs one, for one picture can say a thousand words. The skin appears to have been peeled (or burned) off the flesh, and judging … Continue reading “Chemical Accident Leaves Burnt Hand”