What Eye Lid Cancer Looks Like

Whoever’s hand is inside that glove probably couldn’t answer what exactly they’re touching. There’s more than one different kind of eyelid cancer, and the human eyelids are susceptible. Judging from the size of what doctors are pulling from this guy in the picture his must have been extremely massive or something was abnormally wrong with … Continue reading “What Eye Lid Cancer Looks Like”

Thai Girl Has Large Tumor Growing Over Her Eye Removed

A huge tumor developed on the head of a young Thai girl, eating into her eye and disfiguring her face. Finally, she was able to undergo a surgery and had the tumor removed. Now she doesn’t have a second head growing on her head, but she’s lost her eye and remains partially disfigured. However, without … Continue reading “Thai Girl Has Large Tumor Growing Over Her Eye Removed”

Thai Child with Grossly Disfigured Face

This Thai child suffers a medical condition that grossly disfigures his/her face. While I haven’t received any background information, those look like cancerous tumors. Or maybe Human Papillomavirus. The mouth has still been relatively untouched, so eating is still possible, but eyes seem to be pretty much gone. There’s no hair growing on that scalp … Continue reading “Thai Child with Grossly Disfigured Face”

Thai Boy with Severe Case of Cancer in His Head

The Thai boy in the video has his face severely deformed with a bad case of cancer in his head. He probably can’t see much, if anything at all, given how the tumor literally consumed his eyeballs. Good thing Thai language sounds like whining, cause even though he can’t properly speak, he can whine and … Continue reading “Thai Boy with Severe Case of Cancer in His Head”

Eye Cancer Takes on Horrifying Life of Its Own

Just a single image here, but it’s a doozy. Jesus Christ that is some freaky shit. Looks like some kind of alien mutant birthed from that poor sap’s eye socket. In actuality, it’s a tumor on steroids. I can’t imagine the dude is still alive…or is he? I imagine it would have started pushing into … Continue reading “Eye Cancer Takes on Horrifying Life of Its Own”

Eye of the Beholder – Best Gore Member One Eyed Woman Shares Her Experience with Eye Cancer

Ho Ho Ho, Obli Claus here bringing you this awesome edition of Best Gore Members Rock from his big sack full of posts this Christmas Eve. We’ve had some of the bloody and dreadful, so how about we spread some real Christmas cheer with the gift of hope? Some of you already know her as … Continue reading “Eye of the Beholder – Best Gore Member One Eyed Woman Shares Her Experience with Eye Cancer”

Intraocular Melanoma (Eye Cancer) Surgical Removal

In its early stages, Intraocular Melanoma has no symptoms and may only be detected during an ophthalmology examination. Symptoms are introduced as the tumor grows and may involved blurred visions, double vision and eventual vision loss. If the tumor is left untreated, it may cause retinal detachment. This video shows surgical removal of Intraocular Melanoma … Continue reading “Intraocular Melanoma (Eye Cancer) Surgical Removal”