War Surgery Documentary by the International Committee of the Red Cross

This video is a full length (1 hour long) documentary by the Geneva, Switzerland based Medical Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) titled War Surgery. As is mentioned in the captions at the beginning of the video, the documentary shows the following: General Principles Lower Limb Amputations Facial and Perineal Injury … Continue reading “War Surgery Documentary by the International Committee of the Red Cross”

Girl with Joker Scars from Car Accident

Hey Mark! I know this isn’t the goriest thing in the world, but I thought it was pretty neat considering it’s my mother! This is my mom back in 1972, she was with my grandmother (who we call Nanny) driving and they were hit from behind by a drunk driver. My mom was 3 years … Continue reading “Girl with Joker Scars from Car Accident”

Syria – Bloodied Man Chokes on His Own Blood

Yep, that bloody mass is a person. Or used to be a person, cause I don’t know how long he’s gonna stick around. His Allahu Snackbaring buddies do fuck all to help him out, other than use his suffering to earn themselves a paycheck producing propaganda videos. I wonder how he managed to rip himself … Continue reading “Syria – Bloodied Man Chokes on His Own Blood”

Suturing Gashing Forehead Wound with Staples

Fuck yeah – celebrating the St. Patrick’s day the Canada way: Get smashed Get forehead smashed Get smashing fixing it No professional surgical gear involved, no anaesthesia, no disinfection – just straight up staple that gashing forehead wound and be done with it. DYI suturing = proper YouTube material.

Bahraini Protesters Wounded by the Police

The big hypocrisy about the so called Arab Spring is that only select countries get all the attention in the world from the mainstream media. After Libya, all spotlight is on Syria all the while atrocities in Bahrain continue at a level that puts Syria to shame. I have said it before and stand behind … Continue reading “Bahraini Protesters Wounded by the Police”

Scene with Woman Bashed with Baseball Bat

Turns out the scene from the gore compilation which attracted the most attention – the scene with the woman who gets her head bashed with baseball bat is… well… fake. That proves how awesome the area of special effects in commercial filmography has gotten. The scene is from a 2007 movie Frayed directed by Norbert … Continue reading “Scene with Woman Bashed with Baseball Bat”

Incredibly Nasty Machete Wounds

Incredibly, the guy is still alive, despite those nasty machete wounds, including one across his face. Machete are mean motherfuckers. Wouldn’t want to be on a losing side of a machete fight. Brutal.

Young Girl Wounded by Qatar Mercenaries in Homs, Syria

After concluding their genocide in Libya, Qatar mercenaries now shifted their focus on Syria where they continue in the same ol’ fashion – nobody’s safe when they’re around. This young girl has an ugly wound on her right cheek and neck, but she’ll be all right. Obviously, any video of an injured person can be … Continue reading “Young Girl Wounded by Qatar Mercenaries in Homs, Syria”

Syrian Man Shot in Neck Bleeds from Mouth

Another day, another promo video by the ever present Muslim terrorists in Syria. This man was shot in the neck, the bullet exited through his mouth. Truly debilitating state to be left in. Can’t close his mouth so blood mixed with drool, phlegm and mucus drips down his chin. Brutal. Video is below:

Stabbed with Steak Knife in the Face

Right through the cheek bone, all the way down to the handle, this man was stabbed with a steak knife. I wonder if it was a domestic dispute out of which a woman got out on top this time around. The patient was 20 year old, the blade was 12 cm inside of his skull, … Continue reading “Stabbed with Steak Knife in the Face”