Rebel Executed in Philippines

A community that works together stays together. In the Philippines, a man accused of being a rebel is shot down in lead of glory. Organizers of the event say when the party is over. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: NEMESIO-KONG-SERAPHIM Enterprise Productions®

Firing Squad Execution of Ousted Government Officials in Liberia

This is the video of firing squad execution of ousted government officials which was televised live after Samuel K. Doe took over Liberia. As you know, Samuel K. Doe face similar demise after he was ousted by Prince Yormie Johnson lead rebels. After the CIA orchestrated coup during which the then president of Liberia William … Continue reading “Firing Squad Execution of Ousted Government Officials in Liberia”

1970 Execution of Nigerian Robber by Firing Squad

First of all – that’s pretty fucking hard core handing down a death sentence to a robber. Secondly, it wasn’t even a quick death. The fire squad march like stiff figurines and shoot just as awfully. I’d be in full favor of reintroduction of this type of punishment for the infamous Nigerian scammers, though. It’s … Continue reading “1970 Execution of Nigerian Robber by Firing Squad”

Execution Video of German WWII General Anton Dostler

Anton Dostler was a German army general during World War II. He was tried and found guilty of war crimes in the first allied war trial after the war. He was sentenced to death by firing squad and became the first person to be put to death for war crimes. His execution, which was carried … Continue reading “Execution Video of German WWII General Anton Dostler”

Compilation of World War II Fire Squad Execution Videos

I don’t have any info on who the fire squad and who the condemned are in this video, but ButterBatter who hooked me up with this rare WWII footage thinks it could be the American GI’s on the killing side. There appears to be a great deal of efficiency and order in the way the … Continue reading “Compilation of World War II Fire Squad Execution Videos”

Extrajudicial Firesquad Execution by the Pakistani Army

Six blindfolded men with their hands tied behind their backs were lead through the jungle into a remote area where they were executed by a Pakistani Army firesquad in what appears to be an extrajudicial killing. This would not be the first, nor last extrajudicial killing of Muslims from a different sect of Islam in … Continue reading “Extrajudicial Firesquad Execution by the Pakistani Army”

15 Pakistani Soldiers Executed by Taliban

Taliban released a video showing the execution of 15 members of the Pakistani army whom they captured from a military fort in the Tank district, north eastern Pakistan on December 23, 2011. The soldiers are shown blindfolded and handcuffed to each other as Taliban fighters take turns executing them with gunshots to the back of … Continue reading “15 Pakistani Soldiers Executed by Taliban”

Execution of Pakistani Policemen by the Taliban in Dir, Peshavar

We have had quite a few videos of Pakistani army torturing, abusing and killing alleged Taliban fighters throughout Pakistan. This video shows the opposite side of things and could be used to explain the brutality Pakistani army exercises against said alleged Taliban fighters. However it could also be used to prove the opposite as in … Continue reading “Execution of Pakistani Policemen by the Taliban in Dir, Peshavar”

Firing Squad Execution Video from Lebanon

Shooters from this firing squad execution video count as the most incompetent, amateur, wannabe fire arm shooters in the entire world. Bunch of morans from Lebanon decided they were a pro firing squad and went to execute convicted car bomber by automatic assault rifles. Shooting from the hip, cause they thought it was cool, none … Continue reading “Firing Squad Execution Video from Lebanon”