Crybaby Wants Cheese With Whine

With a leg a part from body, a cry baby whines out loud with cheese like substance where leg should be. Not sure about location, although could very well be Asia. As a wise man once said: There’s no time for crying, when some of us are dying. None of us decide what is our … Continue reading “Crybaby Wants Cheese With Whine”

Mugger Gets Finger Chopped Off

Thief little piggy went to market, thief little piggy should have stayed home. This little piggy got chopped off and sent packing down the street Alleged thief in Favela gets finger chopped off. – Go! Go! Go! Go! – Hit it, hit it, (name of the person)! – It’s over. – Place your hand down … Continue reading “Mugger Gets Finger Chopped Off”

Favela Youths Shovel Out Defective Spade from Neighborhood

All I can hear is “foi Bolado quem mandou!” meaning “Bolado told us to do it” (accept it!). Looks to me the favela boss gave express orders to gently remove this gentleman from the neighborhood. The uprooted bad seed is hit with a spade before hit with rocks and punched. Hopefully one of his friends … Continue reading “Favela Youths Shovel Out Defective Spade from Neighborhood”

Doctor Sustains Fatal Injures after Colliding with Truck in São Paulo, Brazil

On March 5, 2019 in Sumaré, São Paulo, Brazil, a 71-year-old doctor dies in collision with truck in the Sumare stretch of the Anhanguera Highway (SP-330). José Agostinho Martins Peixoto, is a general practitioner at Unimed Santa Barbara and Americana, São Paulo. He is a divorced man and father of two. He is driving a … Continue reading “Doctor Sustains Fatal Injures after Colliding with Truck in São Paulo, Brazil”

Flip-Flop Street Justice – Indonesia

In Indonesia, a man is repeatedly kicked in the head by a malignant flip-flop mob. The semi-conscious man is on the ground near a truck when his street justice is carried out. The circumstances surrounding his crime, that entices the flip-flop community to join together is unknown. In mob justice, no real evidence is needed, … Continue reading “Flip-Flop Street Justice – Indonesia”

Leg of Man Destroyed in Accident, Comforters Provide Discomfort

Accident leaves man’s leg fucked in some land. The old patting on chest and finger in mouth and straightening leg trick, definitely is the number one remedy for the situation – in a fantasy land. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: NEMESIO-KONG-SERAPHIM Enterprise Productions®

Motorcyclist Becomes Hood Ornament in Brazil

When playing chicken ends in a draw, somewhere in the world. UPDATE Three people were killed in a very serious accident between a car and a motorcycle on BR-367, between Itaobim and Itinga, in the Jequitinhonha Valley, late Friday morning (01/03/2019). The initial information indicates that an overtaking, at the time of km 224, near … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Becomes Hood Ornament in Brazil”

Furious Flip Flop Fanatics Find Fellowship in Fighting Frightened Favela Felon

Did you guys know @honkeykong wrote the best title ever known to man! He is supposedly a thief. Also looks like a gang initiation, but I would hope he wouldn’t cry like such a bitch if that were the case. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: NEMESIO-KONG-SERAPHIM Enterprise Productions®

Mob Take Turns Beating Man with Sticks

If I didn’t know better, this happens in a Dindu country. Man is in between clear conscious and unconsciousness. A mob in an undisclosed location take turns trying to wake him up all the way or make him go back to sleep. Haven’t been able to decide which one, either way, the crowd beat the … Continue reading “Mob Take Turns Beating Man with Sticks”

Best 2019 Gore! – Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded – Brazil

HD Audio, HD Video, Need I say more? Probably not, but I will a little anyway. Somewhere in Brazil, a man gets brutally hacked to death for our viewing pleasure. He unwittingly wins the coveted title of Best Gore 2019, and as of now will be undisputed. As I recall: If you are born from … Continue reading “Best 2019 Gore! – Man Hacked to Death then Beheaded – Brazil”