Low Pants Multiple Body Shot Victim on Sidewalk, Baltimore MD

A man is shot multiple times and killed on the 1800 block of N. Bruce St. in West Baltimore, Maryland on July 28, 2019, at 3:52pm. When officers arrive, they find a man with gunshot wounds to his body. The victim is taken to an area hospital where he is confirmed dead from his injuries. … Continue reading “Low Pants Multiple Body Shot Victim on Sidewalk, Baltimore MD”

Life Truancy, Principle and Teacher Killed on Scooter Aftermath

[Exclusive] It’s sadly happens with my own school headmaster~ principle (RIP to my teacher at first) It happens in my own city Jatni, Dist-Khordha, India, Madanpur near sidewalk around 2:45 p.m. Ex-headmaster of school NDRC High School named and Current teacher Mrs. Binodini Nayak from Kantia School. both were on the way to attend school … Continue reading “Life Truancy, Principle and Teacher Killed on Scooter Aftermath”

Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man

Allegedly, this video is from Brazil, it shows a gang of animals laughing and playing in the blood of an unfortunate someone. One of the gang members waves a big knife in front of the camera, sporting a shirt for a mask, while the hoes wear crop tops. The victim is lifeless on the floor … Continue reading “Brazilian Gang Stabs and Kicks Man”

Abandoned Fetus Suffers Harlequin Ichthyosis

Location is not known. Harlequin Ichthyosis is a very rare genetic skin disorder, that causes thick plates of skin to form on newborn infants, the skin pulls and rips apart, leaving cracks. It can pull and distort facial features. The tightness of the skin forces the eyelids and lips to turn inside out. It can … Continue reading “Abandoned Fetus Suffers Harlequin Ichthyosis”

Aftermath of Man Beheaded

We join our, alleged Brazilian, friends here, well after the blood has seeped into the earth, to get a glance at a fellow who was beheaded. I spy one and a half pairs of flip flops, and a gas can, possibly meaning they will burn the body next. The white hoodie miraculously survives. Props to … Continue reading “Aftermath of Man Beheaded”

Brazilian Prisoner Receives Beating and Threats

Ahh Brazilian prison. Everyone worst nightmare.. I don’t know what is being said but apparently the man on the floor is being threatened while he is slapped and punched. It wouldn’t be Brazil without violence though would it? The prisoner is stomped on, and I don’t think that guy cares about getting his white flip … Continue reading “Brazilian Prisoner Receives Beating and Threats”

Girl Publicly Spanked, India

We enter the scene with about a dozen males in the sand, all yelling and screaming. I don’t even think they know what’s going on, but then again it is India, where questions are forbidden and things are just done without giving possible consequences a second thought and little to no regard is given for … Continue reading “Girl Publicly Spanked, India”

Security Guards Flog Two Flip Flop Thieves in Nairobi, Kenya

This happens about a month ago, Nairobi, Kenya, Africa. The two ladies in the video are busted stealing flip flops on the doorstep of one of tenants. The guys flogging them are the security guards manning the complex. The ladies try to talk their way out by telling the guards they came with the extra … Continue reading “Security Guards Flog Two Flip Flop Thieves in Nairobi, Kenya”

Floored Man with Scalp Lacerations Kicked in Head

Not sure where this one is from but it shows a man laying in some smeared blood, on top of some rather nice flooring I might add, and while he is down there, receives a nasty stomp to the head. He has cuts on his scalp and other wounds on his upper back. It is … Continue reading “Floored Man with Scalp Lacerations Kicked in Head”

Two Woman Carry On Catfight, Man Hits Both with Flip Flop

Two gung-ho fighting women are sprawled out in the streets of India, using the tactics any alley cat dishes out to a rival tomcat. A young boy is visibly upset, as a singular blue flip flop whomps two felines on the borderline. The tactic used by the distressed man does zilch to corral the two. … Continue reading “Two Woman Carry On Catfight, Man Hits Both with Flip Flop”