CCTV – Forklift Falls Injuring Several People

The location of this place is unknown. A man is operating a forklift attempting to lower a pallet from a very high shelf in a ware house. The forklift is not balanced and you can see it slowly start to lean further and further until it falls and crushes a man, there is a female … Continue reading “CCTV – Forklift Falls Injuring Several People”

Merry-Go-Round of Death: Worker Smeared into Workshop Floor by Forklift

Worker is smeared into the workshop floor by his own forklift in China. BTW New Members or Old Members Whom May Have Forgotten: Older videos are not viewable as they were hosted on ProChan, then abruptly deleted without notice…have gotten a lot of inquires about it recently. Thank you, goodnight! Props to Best Gore member … Continue reading “Merry-Go-Round of Death: Worker Smeared into Workshop Floor by Forklift”

Fork Lift Frenzy, Killer Dies in Yantai, China

Near a bus terminal on Xingfu Middle Road in Yantai, Shandong province, China, a man is shot dead by police when he drives a forklift truck aggressively at vehicles and people, killing one and hurting at least 10 others. Wang Zhihua, 45, native of Suihua, a city in northeastern Heilongjiang province. During the video, Wang … Continue reading “Fork Lift Frenzy, Killer Dies in Yantai, China”

Motorcyclist Cut Off by Forklift Dies Hitting Its Blades

I don’t know where this happened. The CCTV footage shows a forklift turning across the lanes of a road, cutting off a passing motorcyclist. The motorcyclist runs into the forklift’s blades with full force, allegedly killing himself on the spot. I think the impact may have decapitated the guy. You can see his helmet flying … Continue reading “Motorcyclist Cut Off by Forklift Dies Hitting Its Blades”

Forklift Operator Drops Steel Bars on Truck Driver, Killing Him

CCTV Video from Singapore shows a forklift operator dropping steel bars on a truck driver, killing him. According to the local reports, the 52 year old forklift operator did not initially see the truck driver, and only noticed him when he was too close. He then floored the brakes to avoid running into the driver, … Continue reading “Forklift Operator Drops Steel Bars on Truck Driver, Killing Him”

Little Boy Hit by Forklift in China

CCTV video from China shows a little boy getting hit by a forklift. I’m not sure if that woman who came to boy’s aid was his mother or not. She looks like she was minding her own business and didn’t really care about the child until he was hit. I also like how the other … Continue reading “Little Boy Hit by Forklift in China”

Forklift Operator Crushed to Death When Machine Overturns

In an unspecified Asian country (looks like China to me), a forklift operator was crushed to death when the machine overturned and its frame pinned the operator’s head against the pavement. Those made-in-China forklifts, I tell you… Props to Best Gore member @benjaminluckytroublemaker for the video:

Warehouse Worker Run Over by Forklift

Apparently this happened at a warehouse in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. A forklift operator reversed into a co-worker, knocked him over, and good and proper – ran him over. The victim was operating one of those two wheel dollies and had his back turned to the forklift. However it’s the forklift operator who floored it while … Continue reading “Warehouse Worker Run Over by Forklift”

Finger Tip Lost In Forklift Mishap

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member, Jamesie, who was kind enough to send in some photos of an injury caused to a co worker by a forklift. He puts it succinctly: Simple explanation.. Forklift lowers material. Finger at the wrong place. Forklift pulls away quickly. Bye … Continue reading “Finger Tip Lost In Forklift Mishap”

Worker Crushed as Transported Cabinet Tips Over

A worker was crushed by a cabinet that tipped over as it was being transported from a semi trailer to a warehouse on a pallet jack. The worker tried to stabilize the cabinet when he noticed it began to fall, but it was too heavy. The other worker quickly tried to dig his crushed friend … Continue reading “Worker Crushed as Transported Cabinet Tips Over”