Cold Blooded Execution of Golden Dawn Members Caught on CCTV

With Zionists and their brainwashed cohorts running wild in the streets, being patriot and loving your country is dangerous. In a Brazilian style motorcycle drive-by execution, anti-nationalist gunmen killed two Greek patriots and seriously wounded a third outside the offices of the Golden Dawn party in a northern suburb of Athens. Fifteen 9-millimeter shell casings … Continue reading “Cold Blooded Execution of Golden Dawn Members Caught on CCTV”

Open Post #18: Golden Dawn

As I mentioned in the post about the sheep attacks on aware individuals in Oslo, Norway – Neo Nazis is a label the sheep give to patriots. The sheep, who are the ultimate traitors of their own country and their own kin believe that by giving the nationalists an offensive name, it somehow justifies their … Continue reading “Open Post #18: Golden Dawn”