Beautiful Artwork of Undead Women

Since nobody gave a shit about my proposed art contest, I’ve decided to bring the art to you. These are some really well-done zombified women, some of whom are of the Asian persuasion and I just thought they looked cool. Caught my attention and are keeping in the theme of the macabre nature of the … Continue reading “Beautiful Artwork of Undead Women”

Gulags in Soviet Union – Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians

On June 13, 2013 Russia’s president Vladimir Putin said in his speech during the visit to the Moscow’s Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center (Jews and tolerance? – LOL) that following the Bolshevik Revolution in October of 1917, Jews made up 80 to 85 percent of the first government of the Soviet Union. Jewish Telegraphic Agency … Continue reading “Gulags in Soviet Union – Jews Run Camps Used for Extermination of Christians”

New Zealand Artist Jon Evil Recreates Gore Videos with Dolls

I would like to introduce to you an artist from Christchurch, New Zealand who’s also a member of Best Gore. Jon Evil recreates gore videos using little dolls. I find his art amazing, although judging by the number of downvotes and vile comments he receives, I’m probably in the minority. I guess “art” is a … Continue reading “New Zealand Artist Jon Evil Recreates Gore Videos with Dolls”

Marina Abramovic After Performing Rhythm 0 + Two Videos

Marina Abramović (Марина Абрамовић) is a Serbian born performance artist from New York. She’s 66 year old now (born on November 30, 1946) but still remarkably youthful and attractive looking. She’s known for being extremely open minded in regards to nudity and sexuality and for her performances which explore relationship between the artist and the … Continue reading “Marina Abramovic After Performing Rhythm 0 + Two Videos”

Pelle Plutt – Short Film by Per von Koch from Sweden

Pelle Plutt is a short film by Swedish filmmaker Per von Koch. Per otherwise does commercials for a production company called Effektfabriken. Luckily, he does not live in Canada cause he’d be prosecuted for a film like that. Check it out, it’s really well done, has some gore towards the end and it’s also funny, … Continue reading “Pelle Plutt – Short Film by Per von Koch from Sweden”

Prosecution of Gore Artist Remy Couture by Canadian Authorities

The premise of prosecuting an artist for creating an amateur horror movie is so absurd, I can’t believe it’s not a joke. But this is Canada we’re talking about and if you recall, only a few months ago the Canadian authorities threatened me with prosecution for the like absurd reason… Apparently the likes of Rémy … Continue reading “Prosecution of Gore Artist Remy Couture by Canadian Authorities”

Don’t Click This With Your Mouth Full…

…if you did, now you have the content of your mouth to wipe off the monitor. Can there be any doubt as to the story? This guy clearly dove to shield his girlfriend from a reptilian shotgun blast fired by a neuroscience student dressed up as a movie character: Hey, why am I the poop-checker?

Paper Doll Torture by On

A few months ago I introduced Paper Doll Gore Art by a Hong Kong artist who calls himself On. Everything would suggest that On is a male artist, but human hands used in his paper doll art look very girly so he either has girly hands, uses a female model or is a male wannabe … Continue reading “Paper Doll Torture by On”

Best Gore Art by BlindMag

I wanted to share this masterful artpiece by Best Gore member BlindMag which I believe deserves its own post. The drawing speaks for itself and needs no explanation. Human bodies in various states of gore are posed to form the name of the website and BlindMag even went as far as to include boobies everywhere … Continue reading “Best Gore Art by BlindMag”

Paper Doll Gore Art by Hong Kong Artist On

This is not our typical Best Gore material, but I thought it was amazing and well worth the sidetrack from our regular programming. Hong Kong artist by the name of On (that’s all, that’s his name – On) makes these gore themed paper doll series which expand on the traditional Japanese Guro Art by adding … Continue reading “Paper Doll Gore Art by Hong Kong Artist On”