Live Grenade Thrown Onto Football Field in Iran Nearly Blows Up Player’s Hand

An Asian Champions League football player Adel Kolahkaj came very close to losing his arm (or life) after a grenade thrown onto the field exploded a second after leaving his hand. Adel Kolahkaj who plays for Iran’s Sepahan FC noticed a device on the pitch, casually picked it up probably thinking it was a piece … Continue reading “Live Grenade Thrown Onto Football Field in Iran Nearly Blows Up Player’s Hand”

Libya Unrest Casualties

It’s been more than a month since unrest in Libya started and this type of unrest doesn’t go without casualties. As an independent observer, I like how mainstream media and representatives of many countries take sides without admitting that they do. The rebels are referred to as “Freedom Fighters”, “Pro-Democracy Forces” and “People of Libya” … Continue reading “Libya Unrest Casualties”

Roadside Corpses

So you’re just riding your motorcycle to work one day and the road is lined with randomly scattered corpses. You don’t even whinge. You just keep riding cause that’s normal in your hood. We don’t get that in my hood. All I see are dead skunks, but I smell them before I see them. No … Continue reading “Roadside Corpses”

Burnt to Death in an Explosion

Man, it just sucks beyond reckoning when moment of death catches you with the pants half way down your thighs. These man got burnt to death in an explosion that didn’t give them a chance to escape, but when it comes to our title guy, it kind of looks like he was taking a piss … Continue reading “Burnt to Death in an Explosion”

Granade Explodes in Hands of Taliban Fighter

The photographer focused too much on people who are catering to the unlucky Taliban fighter, instead of getting some clear shots of his severed body. The Taliban fighter had some different plans with the granade he was wielding but miscalculated the time of detonation and damn thing exploded in his hands, ending his life in … Continue reading “Granade Explodes in Hands of Taliban Fighter”