Myocardial Infarction Attacks Man in India

If you ever wondered to yourself what a man suffering from myocardial infarction looks like, then look no further than this video. In what appears to be an outside station of sorts, man is seating on a bench shooting the breeze, within a blink of an eye starts to die. A quick and painless death … Continue reading “Myocardial Infarction Attacks Man in India”

2 Separate Cases of Full Blown AIDS in Heroin Addicts

What we have here are two men who were heroin addicts that caught HIV. Untreated, HIV will eventually turn into AIDS. AIDS is the condition of having so much HIV in the body that you no longer have any natural defenses against bacteria or disease. Even the common cold becomes deadly. You do not contract … Continue reading “2 Separate Cases of Full Blown AIDS in Heroin Addicts”

Open Heart Surgery On BestGore Member Father45

One day people will look back on the time when open heart surgery was performed in all but the most extreme of cases and marvel at the crudeness of our current surgical techniques. Many procedures have become more sophisticated over time, and heart surgery has similarly moved toward methods which limit the size and invasiveness … Continue reading “Open Heart Surgery On BestGore Member Father45”