Surgical Removal of Internal Hemorrhoids by Strangulation

Being a surgeons comes with all kinds of perks. Some are exciting, like removal of dildos from tights assholes of young women, some not so much – like poking around some guy’s asshole to remove his hemorrhoids. I was told that surgical removal of hemorrhoids by strangulation is rare, but it is sometimes performed. The … Continue reading “Surgical Removal of Internal Hemorrhoids by Strangulation”

Man Films His Hemorrhoids

This man developed hemorrhoids and says they just wouldn’t go away. I have to give him mad props for the balls to film them cause hemorrhoids are such a sensitive condition to develop, natural reaction would be to suffer them alone without ever letting anyone know you have them. It is my understanding that hemorrhoids … Continue reading “Man Films His Hemorrhoids”

Hemorrhoid Band Ligation

Hemorrhoid Band Ligation is a procedure which involves the application of rubber bands to the base of second-degree internal hemorrhoids in order to restrict the flow of blood supply to the mass. Blood deprived hemorrhoids usually shrivel and die in less than a week. Regular bowel movement gets the shriveled hemorrhoids detached and flushed out … Continue reading “Hemorrhoid Band Ligation”

The Caption This Photo Contest #25

Caption this photo if you can 😉 Best Caption: Two bucks? Yeah, we got somethin for ya… – Joe112358 Runners-up: I really need to stop mistaking curling irons for dildos. – Coop after tossing this salad, you’ll have plenty of ranch dressing… – gandhi1973 All together now…. “Shingle Bells, Shingle Bells, Shingle all the way……” … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #25”