Doctor Removes Knife from Man’s Skull in Venezuela

In Venezuela, a man is on the floor of a hospital on a makeshift gurney. A woman doctor of sorts, having plenty of practice jerking off dudes successfully gets this one off without a lot of chunky matter. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Eyes Bulge from Trauma Patient

Eyes bulge from some sort of trauma. Do not know location or reason for his prolapse eye sockets. The man appears to be Asian, perhaps now he will not need Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty. I think this dude looks like this guy, so much so, they can be related. The only difference between the two brothers … Continue reading “Eyes Bulge from Trauma Patient”

Creepy Crawlies Fester Under Sock of Homeless Diabetic Man

No location or audio is provided with the video. It is suspect to be in USA, due to their love of sugary sweets. It is reported he is a homeless man suffering from diabetes. Looks like serious case of athlete’s foot at first glance. Maggot therapy help gangrene victims and do not harm the host. … Continue reading “Creepy Crawlies Fester Under Sock of Homeless Diabetic Man”

Mason Jar Painted Blood Red, Confiscated by Doctor in Russia

All is not quiet on the Southern Front – with the sounds of it. Desperately in need for quality anal in Russia, a man asked the only person he knew would never say “NO!” The popular Sphincterpiston #59535 was used and quickly swallowed whole by his hungry anal cavity. Regularly out-of-stock, the pleasure device fills … Continue reading “Mason Jar Painted Blood Red, Confiscated by Doctor in Russia”

Nightclub Owner and Wife Seek Refuge in Hospital after Robbery in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso

Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, Brazil August 25, 20 years old, Daniel de Sá Freitas, night club owner and his wife apparently thought they would be robbed at gun point by two guys in a motorbike… They seek for refuge in a hospital, Vale do Guaporé, in Pontes and Lacerda, but the grim reaper came after him … Continue reading “Nightclub Owner and Wife Seek Refuge in Hospital after Robbery in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso”

Young Asian Boy Impaled with Bar, Lies on Hospital Bed

Exact location was not specified, although the lack of good parenting hints to Asia. A young boy is impaled by a steel bar. How he obtained the protruding faux appendage is anyone’s guess. Young Asian kid lies on a hospital bed either completely in shock or is sedated heavily. Doctors talk around the child thinking … Continue reading “Young Asian Boy Impaled with Bar, Lies on Hospital Bed”

Man Stabbed in Head by Robbers in South Africa Escapes

Dude was cycling on his way to work when he was attacked by robbers. With a knife embedded in his skull, he managed to escape and ride half a mile to a doctor who got him to hospital. I don’t have any more update, but apparently so far he has survived. The incident happened on … Continue reading “Man Stabbed in Head by Robbers in South Africa Escapes”

The Caption This Photo Contest #93

Caption This Photo Contest has officially been resurrected from a cold, bloody death. Special thanks to humble Best Gore member @asskingforanal for sparking interest in the post after a long hiatus. This contest will start anew and I will make known the member with the winning caption after a few days or so, after @svarg26 … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #93”

Huge Gash Poked and Prodded by Doctor

Brazilian man is slabbed on examining table in hospital. He is poked and prodded with 1 finger sometimes 2, or more. Man’s exposed abdominal gash is disinfected with povidone-iodine prior to surgery and stitching. It is said the patient had been stabbed by a knife and is lucky not have intestines fall out. Props to … Continue reading “Huge Gash Poked and Prodded by Doctor”

Toothbrush Removal From Male Urethra

Insertion of dildos or odd objects in pleasure holes is nothing new. There have been strange oddities inserted into orifices for pleasure as we have seen, many need to be extracted by medical professionals. This oral exhibitionist took his 6 inch buddy for a journey in his peehole. At what point does the extreme pleasure … Continue reading “Toothbrush Removal From Male Urethra”