Warts on Heel Require Surgical Removal

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you by Best Gore member @SadamAndler, who developed warts on heel, and had to have them surgically removed to mitigate the discomfort they caused during walking: It started while I was in South Korea. It just felt like a rock in my shoe, so I … Continue reading “Warts on Heel Require Surgical Removal”

Surgical Removal of Severe Warts Overgrowth from Male Genitalia

Hospital video shows a man with severe wart overgrowth on his genitalia getting the warts surgically removed. The removed warts looks like fried mincemeat. Props to Best Gore member @african-angel for the video:

Wart Surgically Removed from Foot

Don’t Look if you have foot fetish… Best Gore member FROSTYLED sent us these photos of his father in law’s foot after surgical wart removal: My father in law had a wart surgically removed from his foot. I took 3 photos because who wants jut one? There is clearly the one big hole from the … Continue reading “Wart Surgically Removed from Foot”

Well Developed Pussy with Outbreak of Genital Warts – Happy Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day is for the most part a depressing and disheartening time of year – as it’s a perfect time of year to get it thrown in your face that your secret crush doesn’t give two shits about you, but will gladly put on a fake smile to collect whatever it is you bought … Continue reading “Well Developed Pussy with Outbreak of Genital Warts – Happy Valentine’s Day”

Do It Yourself Toe Wart Removal with Needle at Home

How to remove a toe wart with tools you find around the house? This guy seems to have an answer to that. All you need is strong nerves, a patient girlfriend and a needle. Maybe even some black Voodoo magic cause the woman who performed the wart removal seems to have known exactly how to … Continue reading “Do It Yourself Toe Wart Removal with Needle at Home”

Indian Man Blinded and Disfigured by Human Papillomavirus

32 year old Indian man by the name of Mohammad Latif Khatana (that’s right, he’s only 32) suffers from a bad case of disease caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV). The virus caused large lobes of fat to grow over his face giving him quite an unpleasant appearance and complete blindness on one eye. His other … Continue reading “Indian Man Blinded and Disfigured by Human Papillomavirus”