Maggot-Mouthed Kid Being Examined

Why am I looking at a kid playing with rice? Oh dear Lord…more maggots courtesy of a little kid. As opposed to the ones this little girl suffered with, these ones are pretty damn big. Can’t help but think they are being used to clean up a gum infection of some kind. God, can you … Continue reading “Maggot-Mouthed Kid Being Examined”

Removal of Severe Bot Fly Infestation in Small Monkey

This poor little guy has managed to become infested with numerous bot flies. The holes these creatures have created in him make my skin crawl. Almost looks like the cratered surface of some alien planet. Seems the monkey is not in any serious danger from the experience, but he’s clearly been living in discomfort. He’s … Continue reading “Removal of Severe Bot Fly Infestation in Small Monkey”

Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies

Phew! Another stinker fresh from the waters of South East Asia. You’d think Thais would have evolved gills by now as close as they are to the water. Although, looking at the one pic, this chap appears to have suffered some trauma to the back of the head…all kinds of goo just spilling out there. … Continue reading “Bloated Greenie with Mouth Full of Flies”

Vulva Springs Forth New Life In Form Of Maggots

Normally I would do some kind of background sourcing to try to work out the who, what, when and where before posting an article, but quite frankly the last thing you are going to care about after watching this video is anything other than what you have just seen. I am providing a clear warning … Continue reading “Vulva Springs Forth New Life In Form Of Maggots”