Batman Massacre Suspect Controversy

There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the Batman massacre shooting in Aurora, Colorado. More precisely, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the suspect in the shooting – James Holmes. It would seem that more than a few people think that James Eagan Holmes, former University of Colorado School of Medicine PhD … Continue reading “Batman Massacre Suspect Controversy”

Guest Post #3 – The Pro Gun Debate

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all Best Gore members who responded to the roll call and sent in their essays outlining the advantages of owning guns. I will soon pass the mike to those who responded, but first wanted to make a few points: Best Gore is NOT Plagiarism Central Copy pasting … Continue reading “Guest Post #3 – The Pro Gun Debate”

Aurora Massacre Crime Scene Photos

Obviously, the midnight movie theater massacre in Aurora, Colorado was a big international news. A high profile event like that is bound to attract a lot of attention and with it – a lot of possible fakery. Everybody is all too keen to see crime scene photos from the Dark Knight shooting and that can … Continue reading “Aurora Massacre Crime Scene Photos”

Open Post #2 – Gun Snackbarists

I’m back with new Open Post because after observing the debate on our first Open Post, I couldn’t help but notice an unsettling thing… I’ll get to it soon. First thing first: I suspect that because I open the Open Posts with my personal opinion on the subject matter, it puts people whose opinion differs … Continue reading “Open Post #2 – Gun Snackbarists”

Open Post – Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?

Earlier today I noticed in the list of phrases people searched for to land on the page with photos and info on Aurora Movie Theater Shooter James Eagan Holmes a phrases asking “Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?” I thought it was an interesting question and knew that the only answers which answers it irrefutably … Continue reading “Open Post – Why Was James Eagan Holmes Shooting?”