Mentally Deranged Man Unhinged From Life Jumps to Death, Ankara, Turkey

Situation takes place in Ankara, Turkey. On April 11th, 2019, a man jumps from Numune Hospital’s roof. It was said that the man had mental problems due to his wife abandoning him. Props to Best Gore member @barisalpay for the video: Fill browser window

Suicidal Woman Jumps Off Seventh Story Building in Tijuana, Mexico

In Tijuana, Mexico, a non suicidal chicken springs off seventh story ledge on business building. Pulling out all the stops, to never look back, the suicidal Life pod tailgates trail of air. Unhindering leaps and bounds of the mind eye, moves forward in head and walks. Reeling finalizing exit, hook, line and sinker, the suicider … Continue reading “Suicidal Woman Jumps Off Seventh Story Building in Tijuana, Mexico”

Suicide Jump Off Walk Bridge in CBD, South Africa

Video from last week in Cape Town, South Africa CBD. Guy jumps from metal structure on the fan walk bridge that was erected for the 2010 World Cup. Good to see people benefiting from the investments years later! Props to Best Gore member @flemdog for the videos: Fill browser window

Divorcee Attempts Suicide, India

Allegedly from India, the video shows a man, who was apparently recently divorced, jump from a water tower. The tower isn’t that tall, not that id jump off it for fun or anything, and the crowd is huge so he was obviously there for a while. The man jumps and appears to be unconscious, at … Continue reading “Divorcee Attempts Suicide, India”