Robber Fatally Struck by Propane Tank in Norzagaray, Philippines

This happens in Norzagaray, Bulacan in the Philippines on the evening of Aug 29, 2019. At 0:45 an unnamed man wearing a cap is observed walking into a small grocery store and was shortly followed by an employee carrying a propane tank. Not seen in the video, the man wearing a cap attempted to rob … Continue reading “Robber Fatally Struck by Propane Tank in Norzagaray, Philippines”

Boxes of Dead Bodies, Brazil

Video From Brazil shows some boxes, full of a bunch of dead bodies, awesome right? This is gang related and all the women appear to be fondled, all of their pants are unbuttoned and unzipped and their tops are rolled up exposing their tummies and some other things. One of them looks like a ten-year-old, … Continue reading “Boxes of Dead Bodies, Brazil”

Man Burned Alive

The video shows a man being set on fire, not much to add. Whatever they used for an accelerant works, would definitely recommend it. The guy is set ablaze and they watch as he squirms. He rolls around, trying to extinguish the fire but with no success. Dancing in the flames for a moment, before … Continue reading “Man Burned Alive”