All Seeing Eye

Hey SS, Brandi, Marco G? A vid of surgical intervention for to release wood and graphite from The All Seeing Eye. Thought I’d send it in because I thought some people might think it was rotten or cool. I wish I could forget the internet and go back to innocence. No info but I’d say … Continue reading “All Seeing Eye”

On Going Xenophobia in South Africa

More videos of the on-going xenophobia down South Africa. Victim had eyes gouged out and a man beaten in the streets. Xenophobia is the fear or hatred of that which is perceived to be foreign or strange. Xenophobia can involve perceptions of an ingroup toward an outgroup and can manifest itself in suspicion of the … Continue reading “On Going Xenophobia in South Africa”

Armed Attack on Teachers Leaves Two Dead and One Wounded in Sansare, Guatemala

As Julieta Patricia and Manuel Calderon, were identified the bodies of the father and daughter who died last night in a dirt road from the village of San Felipe la Tabla in Sansare leads to Sanarate, El Progreso, reported officials of the National Civil Police. Several bullet holes were found in the red pale Toyota … Continue reading “Armed Attack on Teachers Leaves Two Dead and One Wounded in Sansare, Guatemala”

Eye Pops In and Out Socket, Unison with Agonal Breathing

No location was included with this video. Man’s eye bulges in unison with his agonal breathing. He breathes in from his mouth and exhales from his eye. The man appears to have been murdered. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video:

Lisa Lopez Autopsy Photo and Car Crash Death Video

Lisa Lopez was a singer in an R&B band TLC. Better known by her stage name “Left Eye”, Lisa Lopez got her stage name because she’d be wearing a pair of glasses with condom in place of the lens on her “left eye”. This was meant to promote safe sex practices. On April 25, 2002 … Continue reading “Lisa Lopez Autopsy Photo and Car Crash Death Video”