Man on Fire Hacked with Machete in Haiti

Video starts off with man under brush fire in Haiti. Rolling away from roasting amber, the restrained man is hacked at with dull machete. The machete wielding man extinguishes his burning desire to finish what he starts and hops over the fire, leaving the premises like a bunny in heat or illegitimate father. The raging … Continue reading “Man on Fire Hacked with Machete in Haiti”

Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa

No back info for this video but it’s pretty obvious that it is from somewhere in Africa. A man being lynched crawls around looking like something straight out of a horror movie. He is on fire and the crowd feeds the flames with scrapes of his clothing and debris. No telling the hoops he will … Continue reading “Man Burned Alive During Lynching Africa”

Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya

In the town of Kakamega, West Kenya an alleged “chicken Thief” was cornered and attacked by a man with a machete. Apparently the machete wielding African was the owner of the chickens that were stolen. The video surfaced on social media July 28th, but was shortly taken down, to protect the sheep, not the chickens. … Continue reading “Chicken Thief Hacked to Death Kenya”

Girl Publicly Spanked, India

We enter the scene with about a dozen males in the sand, all yelling and screaming. I don’t even think they know what’s going on, but then again it is India, where questions are forbidden and things are just done without giving possible consequences a second thought and little to no regard is given for … Continue reading “Girl Publicly Spanked, India”

Motorcyclists Run Over Man During Lynching in Africa

Ahh, don’t you just love a good Lynching?? This video is allegedly from Africa, because well, were else would there be a public beating of an African by Africans. The man being beaten is kicked 3 times in a row at the very beginning of the video, from there he is ran over several times … Continue reading “Motorcyclists Run Over Man During Lynching in Africa”

Handcuffed Men Lynched, One has Broken Arm

Judging by the scenery, it is safe to say this happens in Africa. Two handcuffed men are bloody after being lynched by an angry mob. The both of them cuddle up closely and dream of happier times, when the only bloody mess staining their skin was from a broken condom during rough sex. Props to … Continue reading “Handcuffed Men Lynched, One has Broken Arm”

Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs

In what sounds to be in Latin America, a gathering of pissed off people berate and attack an alleged rapist. The man is dragged to the street and prodded at with wooden objects. A mob member pokes the alleged rapist’s sphincter roughly with average sized wood. Men’s best friends join in to appease their masters … Continue reading “Alleged Rapist Poked and Prodded, Nipped at by Dogs”

Lynching in Africa

Not sure why these lynchers are playing musical tires with a solo man. A couple good head hits with above average size rocks make connection with the head of accused. Props to Best Gore member @honkeykong for the video: Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®

Mob Justice Served to Motorbike Thief in Rural Tanzania

Hello i’m a new member here and i’d like to contribute to the site with a few videos now and then from the East African region. A stoning video recently uploaded on social media. Its from rural Tanzania from the Swahili in the background..not much back info but the guy was a motorcycle thief that … Continue reading “Mob Justice Served to Motorbike Thief in Rural Tanzania”

Man Fired from Market Job Shoots Woman Worker in Stomach – Ambato, Ecuador

On CCTV in Ecuador, a man enters a market of some sort in an attempt to shoot his female acquaintance. The gun appears to jam. Witnesses to the attack step up, and disarm the man. The populous lock the gates, and tie the man to a pole. All though we don’t get to see things … Continue reading “Man Fired from Market Job Shoots Woman Worker in Stomach – Ambato, Ecuador”