Extraction of Botfly from Lip of Man

Got the video without any backinfo, but to me it looks like an extraction of a botfly from a man’s lip. Obviously, if there is one botfly in this man’s body, there are probably more. The suckers were implanted as eggs into the bloodstream by a mosquito. Seems as though the first step toward the … Continue reading “Extraction of Botfly from Lip of Man”

Maggots Extracted from Scalp of Boy in Tunisia

Video from Tunisia depicts a boy who’s having maggots extracted from his scalp by a butcher grade doctor. I did not get any info on how he got the maggot infestation on his head, but it could be the kind of bot fly larvae outbreak that we’ve seen many of on Best Gore. It doesn’t … Continue reading “Maggots Extracted from Scalp of Boy in Tunisia”

Kid Has Maggots Removed from Gums with Tweezers

This kid must be relative of this guy. Or maybe this one. Kid with maggot infestation in her gums had the little crawlies removed with a pair of tweezers, and took it like a champ. No wimping, no crying – just sat there with her mouth wide open as dentist poked her in the gap … Continue reading “Kid Has Maggots Removed from Gums with Tweezers”

Compilation of Botfly and Mango Worm Removal Videos

Ten minutes of nonstop botfly and Mango Worm removals? You bet. Prepare of an endless supply of parasites that live under your skin. There’s nothing more vile than shits that embed themselves inside another living organism and leech off of it from within. I’ve always known that it’s mosquitoes that infect warm bloodied creatures with … Continue reading “Compilation of Botfly and Mango Worm Removal Videos”