Copy of Full Interview with Jake Millar

A few months ago, Australian journalist Jake Millar approached the members of Best Gore with a request for input for an upcoming article. The article is now on line and can be accessed HERE. With Jake’s permission, I’m republishing the full text of his interview with me for those who may be interested, since he … Continue reading “Copy of Full Interview with Jake Millar”

Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t

Given the influx of new members joining the community, I have decided to publish this simple, but important reminder of the true purpose of the website. To avoid misunderstanding, and misquoting – which tends to happen often – let me clarify what Best Gore is, and what it isn’t. Many, many years ago, Greek … Continue reading “Open Post #33 – What Best Gore Is, And What It Isn’t”

Two Years in Purgatory – Q&A With Mark Marek

In an Edmonton library a man sits at a table with numerous books about him. He is well groomed, well dressed, And completely inconspicuous. Unknown to other patrons this man represents the juxtaposition between an old world and a new: he sits in this library, a building dedicated to the thousands of years old concept … Continue reading “Two Years in Purgatory – Q&A With Mark Marek”

Guro Art – Tribute to Mark and the Golden Days of Best Gore

Ah nostalgia. Remembering the good old days. That’s the purpose of this post. A tribute to the man who started it all and the days when Best Gore was a tight, tight community of freaks and fiends and friends. This is a tribute to the old timers, who remember the Guro art posts by our … Continue reading “Guro Art – Tribute to Mark and the Golden Days of Best Gore”

Illusions of Democracy, Free Press and Justice

Violence begets violence. So too does ignorance beget ignorance. And of course, apathy begets apathy. You are a prisoner within a societal construct specifically designed to limit your natural desire for freedom and relevance. Your brain is the most sophisticated in nature, and you are wasting your potential by living the way that you do. … Continue reading “Illusions of Democracy, Free Press and Justice”

We Are the 99%

This is another public service announcement brought to you by Obli. If you didn’t see my hidden post yesterday, you can get yourself caught up here. You ready? OK…We are the 99%, and as such we serve the 1%. We make their food, we wash their cloths, we build their houses, we pump their gas, … Continue reading “We Are the 99%”

Best Gore and the Role You Play

This is a public service announcement. Hasbara trolls and police state apologists can kindly give this post a pass, this is for the SOBs. As I’m sure many of you are aware of, the Luka Magnotta trial is over and done with. Yet our Founder and Brother, Mark Marek remains silenced…oppressed. I don’t think I … Continue reading “Best Gore and the Role You Play”