Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots

Well, if this doesn’t satisfy our gore goers, than I don’t know what will. It seems as if the apocalypses has begun. This rotting human, functioning with a dead stare and half a brain, lies on a hospital bed, answering questions while maggots thrive on her head. Hey that rhymed, anyway, there is no back … Continue reading “Womans Brain Eaten by Maggots”

CCTV Car Crash, Santa Cruz, Bolivia

A couple of videos here, I don’t have much back information. Maybe the crash is caused by distracted driving, gotta get that perfect snap… One thing that I am sure of though is that it decapitates a man, and probably killed the man that is seen lying on the ground next to him. allegedly the … Continue reading “CCTV Car Crash, Santa Cruz, Bolivia”

Cartel Gunmen Shoot Narco Musician, Mexico

On July 6th, cartel members began a series of murders in Ciudad Obregon, Sonora, Mexico. The video we have is of the first attack which shows a White Chevrolet Silverado riddled with bullet holes. Gunmen shot over 100 rifle rounds at the vehicle, killing both of the men inside. One of the victims was identified … Continue reading “Cartel Gunmen Shoot Narco Musician, Mexico”

Mangled Motorcyclist Loaded into Body Bag – Indonesia

On the national road of Gajah Hamlet, Rejosari Village, Deket Lamongan District, East Java, Indonesia, a motorcyclist wrecks and is crushed by a trailer truck. This happens Saturday morning Dec. 2nd, 2017. Hey that’s my birthday 😉 The guy is being loaded into a body bag in the video and it is really mushy. I’m … Continue reading “Mangled Motorcyclist Loaded into Body Bag – Indonesia”

Known Drug Dealer Slings Life to Netherworld in Amsterdam

On Thursday the 4th of July, a stabbing occurs in one of the busiest streets in Amsterdam, the Warmoesstraat. CCTV captures the moment of the stabbing. The CCTV video shows the killer and the victim pass each other on the streets. According to witnesses, the killer says something to the victim, who put his bike … Continue reading “Known Drug Dealer Slings Life to Netherworld in Amsterdam”

Road Accident Leaves Girl with Serious Head Leakage

People are probably wondering what happened here and I would guess it to be a motorcycle accident. In a spanish speaking country two girls lay on the side of the road, one propped up and in less serious condition than the other who is stretched out on her back with a huge head wound. A … Continue reading “Road Accident Leaves Girl with Serious Head Leakage”

Brain Blown Out of Man, Middle Eastern Killing

Somewhere in the Middle East, a man has his mind blown by assault wielding, Alla Snackbarist. The crime or madeup excuse for the killing is unknown. His brains eject faster than a baby from the cunt of a mother escaping a life of pain and misfortune. The death seems to be just as painless as … Continue reading “Brain Blown Out of Man, Middle Eastern Killing”

Beheading of Spy

In the Middle East, the same old song and dance continues with an execution of a spy by bloodletting. Would not be an execution in the Middle East without the classic “Allahu Akbar” chant being repeated too many times to count. The full Beheading is not featured on this clip. Props to Best Gore member … Continue reading “Beheading of Spy”

Two Pitbulls Attack Thief Entering House

On June 1 in the community of Malvinas, in Argentina, a thief entered a house and was attacked by two pit bulls. The thief told time after he entered the house during the night, but he did not notice the presence of the two ferocious dogs, after advancing a few steps the animals threw themselves … Continue reading “Two Pitbulls Attack Thief Entering House”

Half Naked, Fully Dead Females After Accident – Brazil

On a dark night in Brazil, three dead and wrecked bodies can be seen after a street accident, presumably involving the red car nearby. Fill browser window Zero-Decibels ®