Another Vomit-Inducing Cyst-Popping

Hey guys, guess what? Turns out, that last zit was the runt of the litter. Got a real vomit-inducer for you here. God, look at all that curdled cheese. Man, this is a big ol boy right here, enough dip for everyone at the party…looks and sounds painful for all involved, though. but they they … Continue reading “Another Vomit-Inducing Cyst-Popping”

Eye Cancer Takes on Horrifying Life of Its Own

Just a single image here, but it’s a doozy. Jesus Christ that is some freaky shit. Looks like some kind of alien mutant birthed from that poor sap’s eye socket. In actuality, it’s a tumor on steroids. I can’t imagine the dude is still alive…or is he? I imagine it would have started pushing into … Continue reading “Eye Cancer Takes on Horrifying Life of Its Own”

Giant Blister Squirting Liquid Everywhere

Since you all loved the nasty ass tattoo and nasty ass maggot lips, how about another? This time, a giant ass blister squeezed and shooting a big stream of clear liquid. Then, the wrinkled, deflated skin peeled away. Don’t know exactly how the man acquired such a beast of a blister but it very well … Continue reading “Giant Blister Squirting Liquid Everywhere”

Pus Extracted from Infected Tattoo

It’s the one thing as a tattoo lover that you hope never happens, your very expensive, time consuming skinwork becoming infected. Having many tattoos myself, I’ve always taken very good care of mine and most people are well informed about proper care for their new tattoo. This man here, doesn’t look like any tattoo newb, … Continue reading “Pus Extracted from Infected Tattoo”

Nigerian Woman with a Huge Maxillary Tumor – Before and After

This is a before and after of a woman who had developed a maxillary (mouth) tumor that had grown to monstrous proportions. The doctor who worked on her was MD General Surgeon Brian Camazine who was on a mission trip to The Nigerian Christian Hospital in Aba, Nigeria. He was quoted as saying: This young … Continue reading “Nigerian Woman with a Huge Maxillary Tumor – Before and After”

Dermoid Cyst of the Eye – Pre and Post Surgery

This is an orbital dermoid cyst of the eye in a patient from South East Asia. An orbital dermoid cyst is a benign tumorous growth of the tissue or bone surrounding the eye. Like all dermoid cysts, they consist of skin and hair and sometimes even fatty tissue and teeth. What follows in the gallery … Continue reading “Dermoid Cyst of the Eye – Pre and Post Surgery”

Results of an Illegal Abortion in India

This abortion almost killed the mother as well. Illegal and unsafe abortion are real threats to the mother. In India and developing countries, abortion is a risk as they are often times unsafe or completely illegal. There is high mortality rate for pregnant women due to unsanitary conditions or incompetent staff. Some would condemn a … Continue reading “Results of an Illegal Abortion in India”

Heroin Addict Overdoses and Develops Rhabdomyolysis in His Leg

Today’s edition of Best Gore Members Rock is brought to you exclusively by Best Gore member nicoletrohs, whose friend overdosed on heroin and developed a condition call “rhabdomyolysis”, say that three times fast. In her own words: Heres two pictures of my friends leg as you can see, he overdosed on heroin a few months … Continue reading “Heroin Addict Overdoses and Develops Rhabdomyolysis in His Leg”