Two Armed Men Enter Bar Firing Weapons, Four Killed on CCTV, Uruapan, Mexico

Captured on CCTV, September 21, 2019, two men enter the California Grill bar in Uruapan, Mexico, firing long weapons at relaxing patrons around table. The armed subjects take less time than quickie with to-die-for tight snatch and snuff out the four, leaving them no chance to squeeze out of sticky situation. The two men get … Continue reading “Two Armed Men Enter Bar Firing Weapons, Four Killed on CCTV, Uruapan, Mexico”

Suicidal Woman Jumps Off Seventh Story Building in Tijuana, Mexico

In Tijuana, Mexico, a non suicidal chicken springs off seventh story ledge on business building. Pulling out all the stops, to never look back, the suicidal Life pod tailgates trail of air. Unhindering leaps and bounds of the mind eye, moves forward in head and walks. Reeling finalizing exit, hook, line and sinker, the suicider … Continue reading “Suicidal Woman Jumps Off Seventh Story Building in Tijuana, Mexico”

CJNG Cartel Hitman Beheads Shirtless Handcuffed Rival

Location is Mexico. No back-info included. Allegedly, Jalisco Cartel New Generation (CJNG) right-hand knifeman, named “The Death Giver” performs namesake on unknown rival kneeling before him handcuffed. The tight gripping knifeman speaks briefly before loosening up the airways on captured alleged rival cartel member. Travelling past each layer of skin, the dull blade continues onward … Continue reading “CJNG Cartel Hitman Beheads Shirtless Handcuffed Rival”

Shootout Between State Police and North East Cartel, Taumalipas Mexico

This Article is provided by upcoming great new Author @landagirl: This shooting happens on August 27th, in Nuevo Laredo, Taumalipas Mexico. El Cartel Del Noreste (North East Cartel) has a special armed forces group identified as ‘’Tropa Del Infierno’’, which translates to Troop of Hell. They were trying to ambush the police when things got … Continue reading “Shootout Between State Police and North East Cartel, Taumalipas Mexico”

Con Artists Receive Public Punishment, Mexico

In the city of Chiapas, Mexico, at the market of San Juan Tapachula, an alleged mother and daughter are caught trying to use fake money. They are publicly humiliated, they have their hair and clothes cut off. If that doesn’t teach them not to scam than I don’t know what will. In the video they … Continue reading “Con Artists Receive Public Punishment, Mexico”

Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico

A video from 2008 was sent in, of eleven bodies and seven severed heads, from Yucatan, Mexico. The bodies were found right outside colonial city of Merida. It is clear to police that this is gang violence, caused by the constant war on drugs. The heads are supposedly never found, however, we know where they … Continue reading “Twelve Decapitated Men, Yucatan, Mexico”

Bike Crash Aftermath, Mexico

Funny video, allegedly from Mexico, of a pair of men who wrecked their bike. It looks as if they ran into the tree seen in the video. But this could also be from a game of twister gone wrong. One man lies still in the background while the “hairy one” rocks and rolls in agony … Continue reading “Bike Crash Aftermath, Mexico”

Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video

Number 800!! Eeeeeeeppppppp!! Hi fellow Best Gore members, I have made a mile stone of sorts with posting on BG as well with personal growth. I compiled a half-assed list of some of my favorites throughout my almost 1 year tenure being Author, mostly first couple pages cause I am lazy like that now. Muahahaha!!! … Continue reading “Seraphim Serenata 800th Post Bash – Special Bleed Out Video”

Road Accident Aftermath Mexico

Aftermath of a car wreak involving a single vehicle that happened in San Luis Potosi, Mexico on July 22nd. The Driver said it was caused by excessive speed and he lost control. The car collides with the side railing, impaling it right through the center. The aftermath is worth seeing. The first video shows the … Continue reading “Road Accident Aftermath Mexico”

Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico

Reporting Live from Mexico. Well it’s a hot day out there for the slicer, and an even hotter day for the slicee fellow gore goers, as the Los Zetas take their place to compete in the well known throat cutting Olympics hosted right here on Bestgore. We go down to the arena where the opponents … Continue reading “Another One of Those Decapitation Videos from Mexico”