Thai Hanged Himself Wearing Appropriate T-Shirt

To be perfectly honest, I was never a big Nirvana fan. I like some of their songs but never owned an album or gave a shit about Kurt Cobain‘s “suicide”. This Thai hung himself…why not pay homage correctly? We could have seen a really good shot gun to the face suicide here. Maybe he could … Continue reading “Thai Hanged Himself Wearing Appropriate T-Shirt”

Kurt Cobain Suicide Photo on the Slayer Album Cover

This photo can originally be seen in one of the early pressings/inserts of the Slayer album “Divine Intervention” and some speculate that it’s a photo of Kurt Cobain’s suicide. While I certainly have my doubts, and it certainly doesn’t match other photos believed to show the aftermath of Kurt Cobain’s suicide, it is a cool … Continue reading “Kurt Cobain Suicide Photo on the Slayer Album Cover”

Kurt Cobain Death Photos

Even though officially declared a “suicide”, many dispute the fact that Kurt Cobain, legendary leader of grunge band Nirvana committed suicide and believe that he was murdered. There aren’t many death photos of Kurt Cobain around – some websites claim to have them, but don’t. Then there are also websites that offer photos of unknown … Continue reading “Kurt Cobain Death Photos”