Liege Attack Victims Identified – Names and Photos

Many thanks to my Belgian connection Doggi who’s been a great support and sourced me with lots of information and media regarding the December 13, 2011 grenade and shooting attack perpetrated by Nordine Amrani in Liege, Belgium. Many people contacted me asking whether I had the names of the victims of the attack – well, … Continue reading “Liege Attack Victims Identified – Names and Photos”

Photo and Profile of Nordine Amrani

Belgian authorities released the first photo of the Liege killer Nordine Amrani. The bloodshed Nordine Amrani unleashed in the Place Saint-Lambert on December 13, 2011 claimed lives of 6 people, including the attacker and left 125 more wounded. Let’s take a look at the profile of Nordine Amrani based on the information that’s available: Welder … Continue reading “Photo and Profile of Nordine Amrani”

Grenade Bombing and Shooting Attack in Liege, Belgium

On December 13, 2011 at around 12:30pm, lone gunman identified as 32 year old Nordine Amrani went on a killing rampage in a busy downtown area of Liege, Belgium. Nordine Amrani lobbed three hand grenades at people standing at a bus stop near the Place Saint-Lambert square and subsequently opened fire from an AK-47. The … Continue reading “Grenade Bombing and Shooting Attack in Liege, Belgium”