Brawl Between Cock Carouselers and Ghettozilla Bra-Less

Urban Ghettoization® reared its ugly head in the heartland of an American neighborhood with the clashing of cock hungry squads. A rivalry of sorts between two women on a U.S. road erupts into an outright brawl between opposing forces. The Ghettozilla of the blocked is targeted by the mob and stripped naked as plethora of … Continue reading “Brawl Between Cock Carouselers and Ghettozilla Bra-Less”

All Natural Asian Girl Autopsied, Her Vagina Examined

The set of photos shows what looks like a crime scene with dead Asian woman, and her subsequent autopsy. I don’t have any background info about the photos, but whereas the pathologists focused on her vagina, I assume that she may have been a victim of rape and murder. The killing may have been done … Continue reading “All Natural Asian Girl Autopsied, Her Vagina Examined”

Asian Woman Falls From Height, Cracks Her Skull and Bares It All

Photos are from South East Asia and are of a young woman who apparently committed suicide by jumping from a window. The fall was enough to kill her on impact, but not from high enough to reduce her head to smashed watermelon. Lucky us! Unfortunately I have no real info on this other than the … Continue reading “Asian Woman Falls From Height, Cracks Her Skull and Bares It All”

The Caption This Photo Contest #84

Caption this photo if you can… Also, check out last time’s winner here. Best Caption: Is the massage oil gluten free? – escapegoose Runners-Up: Der Duhr huhha sumtymz I like flyeeing in my dweems hoohuhha – Lio Cho He chose poorly… – greetsob Single white female seeking sandwich. Please, no Rye. Provolone a must. Only … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #84”

Chinese Girl on the Slab

Well, it’s just as the title says. Some pretty good, hi-res photos of pre-autopsy examination of a young Chinese woman. Although, we do get a nice ending shot of her opened up. Wish there was more.. Unfortunately, no real info on what exactly happened, although I can speculate, same as you guys. Notice the mark … Continue reading “Chinese Girl on the Slab”