Two Cardiac Arrests in the ER – One Survives, One Dies

Since Open Thoracotomy video was generally well received, here’s another video from the same team of ER professionals, although this one is nowhere near as intense or graphic. In this video, the ER received two patients with cardiac arrests at the same time. One was 45 year old male, the other one was 65 year … Continue reading “Two Cardiac Arrests in the ER – One Survives, One Dies”

Open Thoracotomy – Emergency Room Video

This ER video of Open Thoracotomy is incredibly intense because in situations like this, every second counts. The patient is a motorcyclist who crashed and suffered blunt trauma cardiac arrest. He was reportedly awake and talking on the scene, but lost vital signs en route to hospital. In the video, one medic administers CPR, which … Continue reading “Open Thoracotomy – Emergency Room Video”