Debt Collectors Withdraw Pain for Non-Payment

A man is in pain up to his eyeballs in India. There are no negotiation talks for repayment with payment plan, for his account has been sent to collections. Allegedly, he owes money and is unable to repay his overdue bill, so a gang of debt collectors withdraw pain as equal compensation. The principal of … Continue reading “Debt Collectors Withdraw Pain for Non-Payment”

Favela Gang Beats Alleged Thief, Flipping His Flop

A merciless clubbing in Brazil by favela gang on captured alleged thief is caught on camera. Alleged thief takes a good clubbing with 2x4s and given a good lecture simultaneously. The beating is so, so good a flip flop gets struck off his foot. Who knows if this alleged thief will be smart enough not … Continue reading “Favela Gang Beats Alleged Thief, Flipping His Flop”

Pen Shoved Inside Woman’s Peehole Needs Doctor to Remove It

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s a peehole, right? Not a vagina. Peehole, also known as urethral opening, is a small hole above vagina through which urine is flushed out of body. While we’ve seen a fair share of crazy anal and vaginal insertions at Best Gore (anal insertions are done by both males … Continue reading “Pen Shoved Inside Woman’s Peehole Needs Doctor to Remove It”

The Caption This Photo Contest #57

In keeping up with the spirit of the BME Pain Olympics, here’s an in-tune caption contest. Your turn, caption this photo if you can. Winners for this edition of the Caption This Photo Contest were chosen by Best Gore member Rotten Stench. Best Caption One hundred and Eighty! Absolutely brilliant shot! Mainline Manny wins the … Continue reading “The Caption This Photo Contest #57”

BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition

As promised in the first BME Pain Olympics video, here’s part 2 of the same series. As with all BMEzing Pain Olympics, it’s a compilation of homemade, self torture and mutilation videos submitted by people who enjoy putting their bodies, and especially their genitalia through a lot of pain. Traditionally, this Pain Olympics video is … Continue reading “BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition”

BME Pain Olympic – the Cock and Balls Torture Compilation Video

BME Pain Olympics is a compilation of homemade self torture and extreme body mods videos. BME, which stands for Body Modification Ezine and is an online magazine dedicated to extreme body modifications (you can find them on As Best Gore, Body Modification Ezine was created by a Canadian (Shannon Larratt) and as Shannon Larratt, … Continue reading “BME Pain Olympic – the Cock and Balls Torture Compilation Video”

2 Kids 1 Sandbox Video

Best Gore’s Sexual Disaster category has been all sad and lonely lately so here’s a video to perk things up a bit. Appropriately titled “2 Kids 1 Sandbox“, the video is a brief, but painful to look footage of a man getting his urethra rubbed with a dildo by a woman whose pussy he appears … Continue reading “2 Kids 1 Sandbox Video”