Video of Semi-Rigid Penile Implant Surgery

In this video, Dr. Franklin Lowe, MD MPH, Professor of Clinical Urology at Columbia University describes how a surgery involving implantation of a semi-rigid penile prosthesis is performed. Each undertaken step is explained with easy to understand language and is supported with visuals of actual penile implant surgery. I’ve read on the internet that the … Continue reading “Video of Semi-Rigid Penile Implant Surgery”

BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition

As promised in the first BME Pain Olympics video, here’s part 2 of the same series. As with all BMEzing Pain Olympics, it’s a compilation of homemade, self torture and mutilation videos submitted by people who enjoy putting their bodies, and especially their genitalia through a lot of pain. Traditionally, this Pain Olympics video is … Continue reading “BME Pain Olympics – Anal Insertions and Saline Injections Edition”

BME Pain Olympic – the Cock and Balls Torture Compilation Video

BME Pain Olympics is a compilation of homemade self torture and extreme body mods videos. BME, which stands for Body Modification Ezine and is an online magazine dedicated to extreme body modifications (you can find them on As Best Gore, Body Modification Ezine was created by a Canadian (Shannon Larratt) and as Shannon Larratt, … Continue reading “BME Pain Olympic – the Cock and Balls Torture Compilation Video”

Penile Implant Surgery Video

Penile Implant Surgery is a procedure during which the surgeons implant a self inflating device into the patient’s penis. The implant (Penile Prosthesis) would typically have a switch (pump) somewhere within a ballsack (scrotum) which when pressed, it would inflate the prosthesis inside the penile shaft to simulate erection. Obviously, since implanting prosthesis into a … Continue reading “Penile Implant Surgery Video”